Sports in motion

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay,I decided to post this one a bit late. Was thinking of what photo concept to do and I was inspired by the 2005 Hugo Boss (Boss in motion) perfume TV commercial featuring Will Chalker. 2005 was a break out year for Will Chalker when he walked the 2005 Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2005 menswear show carrying a baby tiger.

Enjoy the look!

Photo by the talented MaHyeRi Resident

On me

Hair – Atro Patena – Joseph

Towel – MI86620 – Mesh Men’s Towel over the shoulder

Boxers – Zaara – Deven boxers *lights*

Pants – Tableau Vivant – Lowrise sporty pants ALL (Gift from owner, thank you) NEW @ Main Store

Shoes – GizzA – Sports Shoes Mesh [Red]

Basketball – Saphiria’s Designs – SD 1Prim Basketball


Revenge by strip'd Fashion
Revenge, a photo by strip’d Fashion on Flickr.


Well, I thought that it would be a good idea to make nice dress…then…I asked my Dads (RicoRacer Flux) opinion. It started out as a simple dress, then turned into a dress with gloves, feathers and a shoulder piece. lol. But seriously it turned out great. Thank you Dad for all your help and inspiration!…

Of course I can’t forget about the beautiful model in the pic…Veronica Krasner. I only gave her a vague idea of what the pic was going to be and she nailed it! I am a complete amateur when it comes to fashion and photography but I have been truly blessed that I have had absolutely gorgeous models to make it all so easy. Veronica Krasner is just another one of those beautiful models. Thank you so much Veronica!!!

What Dreams May Come…



MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Editorial Clarity

I await every night for what dreams may come,
And bestow their wonders and gifts on me.
In the land of dreams, there are no frowns,
And once again, I’m young and free.

In my dreams, we are together in a wonderland,
where anything you can ever want is possible.
We would hold hands as we roam and discover
all the places and things that are wonderful.

I smile every night for what dreams may come..
For we are together and no one can tear us apart.
No matter what they do or what they say,
You will always be in my heart.

UPCOMING PROJECT: The Fashion Teller – The Magical Circus




A Magical Tale is about to unfold….

An old abandoned circus is coming to life bringing Love, Magic, Memories and Second Chances.


Fashion Teller Models Casting for “The Magical Circus” will open January.

 We will be have a PUBLIC CASTING for new Fashion Teller Models in December.

*** Let us tell you a story in style ***