Vintage Affair 2

(Old post, thought I’d share it here)

Hi all,

It’s with great pleasure to announce this combined post with Jade Spectre, who is in the running to try to become this year’s Miss Virtual World (Portugal) 2013.

Jade is someone who has a kind and helpful heart. When I passed the Egoisme casting, I was honestly a bit scared about the whole process because I didn’t expect to pass with a lot of other already well-established models participating in the casting.

During the casting, we were suppose to have a shape change, yet, remain and look most ourselves but also to the liking and acceptability of Ramses (our boss).

It was pretty confusing to me initially but Jade was always nice and patient to explain things I didn’t understand Ramses wanted (lol).

Here we are, both styling in Gizza’s matching Vintage outfits. Enjoy!

Photo by my bro, the talented Badon Rain


On me

Outfit – Gizza – Vintage Tuxedo NEW @ Vintage Fair

On Jade

Outfit – Gizza – Elegant steps NEW @ Vintage Fair

Gloves – Indyra – Kidskin gloves (re-textured)

Lashes – Avion – Runway red cherry

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