Christmas Cutie Pie – Photo Contest

Christmas Cutie Pie - Photo Contest by strip'd Fashion


1st Prize – 5000Ls
2nd Prize – 2000Ls
3rd Prize – 1000Ls

❄When Can I Join?

11/12 is the joining date for everyone, though voting will not be open on this date.

❄When Does Voting Start?

11/19 voting is open to everyone. We are giving everyone a week to organize their pictures so that there isn’t an unfair advantage to anyone that gets theirs done first.

❄When Is The Contest Over?

12/20 @ 12am SLT is the offical time that it all ends. So you have a month to get your picture and all the friends to vote.

❄How Much Does It Cost?

It is 100Ls to join the contest and 10Ls to vote. There are 48 boards available and once those are all taken no more will be given, so be sure to get your picture done and ready!

❄What Is The Theme?

The theme of the contest is anything and everything Christmas. What do you think of during Christmas? Is it the gifts? The snow? Sipping hot chocolate by a warm fire?

No matter what it is that makes you think that Christmas is coming we want to see your beautifully inspired pictures!

❄What Is Apple of My Eye Adoptions?

AME is one of the largest adoption agencies on the grid and that means one thing, there are A LOT of panels. We have over 800 panels for kids, teens, twins/multiples, adults and of course parents.

Kids Panels – 1Ls (limited time price)
Parent Panels – 1Ls (limited time price)