Reflecting 2012

Hey everyone,

Met up with my real life group of friends today for lunch and coffee. We started talking about how all of us have grown and what we have all achieved in the past 15 years since we first met. In life, people come and go but true friends and family are always the ones who will stay with you in good, awesome, bad and horrible times.

This year of 2012 alone, reflecting back since January till now, I really have so much to be thankful and happy for.

Real life friends —– Acke, Beatrice, Bjoern, Charlotta, Dorotea, Elisabeth, Esbjorn, Freja, Gottfrid, Henrik, Josef, Kristina, Lars and Milly.

Thanks for being there for me since we first met. Thanks for introducing me to SecondLife and a bigger thank you for persuading me to come back to it beginning of this year after a full long break from it of 18 months. Both real life and SecondLife have been awesome with you guys. Love that we’re able to get together in real life to joke and laugh about all the stupid things people do in SecondLife lol. We know who we are in real life and don’t have to prove anything to anyone in that virtual world, that is what makes us special. I know you guys read and have been introducing my blog to other friends as well ever since I told you guys about it. The increase in hits on my blog stats has been amazing, honestly I never expected such results because this SecondLife “modeling” thing is just a side hobby for me. A big thank you nonetheless. Vänner för livet!! 

SecondLife family —–  Jade, Rico, Edi, Natti, Absi, Mikey, Ramses, Sachy, Badon, Kiana, Chirz, Magissa.

My wonderful family that I have in SecondLife, thanks for all the love and support you’ve shown me. My SecondLife wouldn’t have been the same without all of you. Thanks for believing in me ❤

SecondLife photographers – Badon, Hyeri, Ivoni, Priscila, Peace, Asia, Pam.

Many thanks for your professionalism and always delivering works of your best efforts. I know it takes time away from your real life schedules and family to help do photos for me, really appreciate from the bottom of my heart ❤

As of this month and December, I’ll be extremely busy with real life work and will be having my end-of-yr vacation during Xmas week while Stan, my trust-worthy club manager, handles it from there till the start of 2013 lol

Photos by the talented MaHyeRi Resident



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