MANIERA MAGAZINE Men of Style Edition


MANIERASL takes a look back with six Men of Style winners. Ricoracer Flux, Seedus Aldrin, Vortimer Ethaniel, Maddox Kaestner and Khurt Vhargon.
Also the designs of one of the leading SL fashion designers Tayuka Jinn of Gabriel and take a trip with us down Route 66!
Men of Style 2009 Vortimer Ethaniel
 Photographer Natzuka Miliandrovic



BIGGER, bolder and sexier

Five of the sexiest men on the grid will appear on the MANIERASL Magazine February cover and receive a two-page magazine photo spread and bio. New this year, they will also be included in MANIERA’s 2013 calendar, plus on MANIERASL Magazine promotional material.

MANIERASL Magazine, Second Life’s top fashion and lifestyle magazine, is searching for five gorgeous guys who shine like gods to feature in our February 2013 Anniversary issue. We are looking for five men from various backgrounds and industries who can give us the TRIPLE THREAT: substance, style and sex appeal!

MANIERA Men of Style come from all backgrounds and in all varieties. They are models. They are writers. They are business owners. They are designers. They are DJs. They are roleplayers. They are explorers. They are activists. They are unique. These men come from all over the grid and walk like gods among the mere men on the SL® grid.

If you feel like you’re a man who can live up to this high standard then read the information below and be sure to enter. The judges at MANIERA are tingling with anticipation waiting for your entries!


When I won Maniera Magazine’s Men of Style back in 2009, I was only a few month’s old in SL and just discovered modeling. Winning this contest put my name in the spotlight and helped launched my modeling career. Most of all, winning this contest allowed me to meet many wonderful people especially my mentor and SL mom, Topaz Joubert. Thank you Maniera.

If you want to join the Maniera Magazine’s Men of Style 2013 contest, Read the instructions here:

The Hunt for this year’s MANIERA MEN OF STYLE is ON.