Hello everyone,

This current season may be one of chilly winds, falling leaves and cloudier skies but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it and put some “life” and fun into it. I decided to create this lively fun look consisting of a not-so-new release from Chronokit and other items. Enjoy!

Photos by my bro, the talented Badon Rain



On me

Hair – Shag – Choke (uncut)

Scarf – Nacon – Fury Bear Scarf FatPack version

Shirt – Millesime – Multi-Colored Stripe Jumper (

Pants – Chronokit – Military Sarrouel Pants StripedB NEW @ Main Store

Shoes – Adjunct – Jacob’s Ladder Boot Brown NEW @ Market place

Earrings – GLARE – Platinum Male Gem Studs 2

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