BEST WISHES Jade Spectre and Dougie Boxen on your Wedding Day!



I want to send my CONGRATULATIONS and Warmest Best Wishes to my SL sister and friend, Jade Spectre as she exchange wedding vows today to a great guy whom I’m happy to call my new brother in law, Dougie Boxen. I wish them both the very best and may they be showered in happiness and love always. Weddings always make me smile and even though it is just Second Life, I treat it with sincerity and utmost respect. May you treat each other with love and kindness always. May others respect your relationship and may you face any  hardships together with courage  that will only make your love stronger. Remember always this day as you exchange your wedding vows and love for each other because there will be tough times and challenges ahead. Remember that you pick each other as partners and never let anyone get in between. People love to poke at things that “shine” and some love to test how much you love each other. No one is perfect and both of you will make mistakes  but always remember this special day and the vows you made for each other. Best Wishes Guys and Lots of Love and Happiness to your Bright Future.




PS: Might as well take the time to introduce Dougie Boxen as the newest blogger for CSLTM.  I have been admiring his fashion style and amazing pictures in his Flickr Stream for many months now. His future is very bright and extremely promising. I know he has the talent and skills to be successful in whatever endeavors he chooses.