AVENUE MAGAZINE July 2012 is out with the One and Only….the Amazing Rusch Raymaker on the cover.

Get it inworld or see it here:

AVENUE Magazine simmers in the dog days of summer, bringing you the season’s best in warm weather styles and colorful street fashion. AVENUE voices our right to love as we choose as we pay tribute to RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity’s Stand4Love campaign. July features the fierce Kyrie Source, the styles of Leverocci, a new column by Prad Prathivi, Bryn Oh’s “Virginia Alone” and more. Slip into the shade, grab an icy drink, and dive in to read about the best of the season.

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Rusch Raymaker and all the staff at AVENUE Magazine for being one of our sponsors for the STAND4LOVE campaign. It is sooo amazing and it put such a huge smile on my face to see the STAND4LOVE cover spread on the magazine. Fantastic pictures of amazing people standing up for love and equality…a must see. Thank you again AVENUE. ❤

Edi and Rico

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