Voluptia Flickr Contest

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Voluptia Flickr Contest~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Deadline July 15, 2012
Theme: Hollywood Waits

Lady V just loves to be surrounded by beauty! So we are having a new Flickr Contest. Slip into some glamorous Voluptia lingerie or swim wear and show us what “Hollywood Waits” means to you.

Prizes include:
1st Place:
Choice of 1 lingerie from Voluptia
Picture on display in Voluptia mainstore as well as on the Voluptia blog.

2nd and 3rd Place:
Choice of 1 lingerie from Voluptia
Picture on display in Voluptia mainstore as well as on the Voluptia blog.

(Oh, and there is an extra prize of 500L to any person who can work out the link on why ‘Hollywood Waits’ means so much to Lady & Lord Vanir, where it comes from and reflect that in a pic – yeah that’s a challenge, lol good luck)

Rules are as follows:
1. You must join both the Voluptia Flickr Group and the in-world group.


2. Add to the flickr pool a glamorous  photo of yourself wearing Voluptia lingerie or swim wear. Your entry should be named Voluptia – House of Glamour Flickr Contest ( Your Name Here ).
Remember, the theme is “Hollywood Waits.”

3. No freebies/gifts/hunt items will be accepted. However, this isn’t a contest just for the rich. Stop into Voluptia and you will find pieces as low as 99L or even 69L.

4. More than 1 entry is allowed, however each entry should be a in a different lingerie or swim wear.

5. Remember you have until July 15th, at midnight SLT, to summit your photos. Have Fun with it!

If you have questions please IM Violet Batriani.

Good luck and have fun!
Voluptia Management


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