Voluptia Flickr Contest

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Voluptia Flickr Contest~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Deadline July 15, 2012
Theme: Hollywood Waits

Lady V just loves to be surrounded by beauty! So we are having a new Flickr Contest. Slip into some glamorous Voluptia lingerie or swim wear and show us what “Hollywood Waits” means to you.

Prizes include:
1st Place:
Choice of 1 lingerie from Voluptia
Picture on display in Voluptia mainstore as well as on the Voluptia blog.

2nd and 3rd Place:
Choice of 1 lingerie from Voluptia
Picture on display in Voluptia mainstore as well as on the Voluptia blog.

(Oh, and there is an extra prize of 500L to any person who can work out the link on why ‘Hollywood Waits’ means so much to Lady & Lord Vanir, where it comes from and reflect that in a pic – yeah that’s a challenge, lol good luck)

Rules are as follows:
1. You must join both the Voluptia Flickr Group and the in-world group.


2. Add to the flickr pool a glamorous  photo of yourself wearing Voluptia lingerie or swim wear. Your entry should be named Voluptia – House of Glamour Flickr Contest ( Your Name Here ).
Remember, the theme is “Hollywood Waits.”

3. No freebies/gifts/hunt items will be accepted. However, this isn’t a contest just for the rich. Stop into Voluptia and you will find pieces as low as 99L or even 69L.

4. More than 1 entry is allowed, however each entry should be a in a different lingerie or swim wear.

5. Remember you have until July 15th, at midnight SLT, to summit your photos. Have Fun with it!

If you have questions please IM Violet Batriani.

Good luck and have fun!
Voluptia Management


STAND4LOVE: 5 Days Left


Hello Everyone.

Over 470 people around the world Took a STAND 4 LOVE & EQUALITY in Second Life, including Violet Azemus as you see from her entry above. Each entry has been inspiring to us and has given Edi & I hope. Each message and support has put a smile on our faces and many has moved us with their stories. Some people even took a stand in Real Life as well and we applaud them for their beauty and courage.  Edi and I are very grateful to each and everyone who took the time to make their voices heard. We are honored to have wonderful designers who took the initiative to create beautiful items in support of Stand4Love. We are really impressed with how beautiful and creative each piece is from unique poses to beautiful clothes. You can see all of them here: http://stand4love.wordpress.com/special-announcement/ . Some have made contribution in their own way such as the highly successful 12 hour Live DJ fest arranged by Jasmine Love and Nunu Radikal. I was smiling nonstop all day the other day when I noticed that ICON MAGAZINE July Issue had put up a STAND4LOVE logo on their magazine. Thank you Jordan Whitt and all the staff at ICON for that wonderful gesture of support. You can read the magazine here: http://issuu.com/iconmagazine/docs/icon_july_2012.  Tons of people have blogged the STAND4LOVE cause such as Frolic Mills which you can see here: http://associatedslpress.thebestofsl.com/2012/06/20/frolic-mills-stands-4-love/.

Edi and I are so honored and grateful for all your help and support.

For those who have not yet taken a stand, you still have time. Each voice counts. Let everyone hear your message. No one will listen unless you speak up. Stop hiding and waiting on others to do it for you. TAKE ACTION!!! IT IS TIME. Open Your Heart. Open Your Mind. We believe that everyone has the right to love and marry, free from discrimination and intolerance. ❤



MANIERA LLC launched the preview edition of the real life digital
publication MANIERA. The preview edition is available at:
and the first full edition will be out in September.

The Tribute to Westwood exhibition will remain on the MANIERA sim
until the end of August. If you haven’t seen it already it is well
worth a visit. This walk around exhibit details the life and work of
fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. The vendors from the MANIERA
Tribute to Westwood event are also at the same location and will be
there until Sunday 15th July.