This is a fantastic cause.. Fight for our right to love who we want!

Make a better world for our children to live in.. A world where they are not demeaned for who they are…

We support no bullying in our schools.. Guys.. The world is bullying those who are different! Let’s set an example!

if you support, Look for Editorial Clarity for the template, and live to love everyone! Love to live.



STAND4LOVE: Editorial Clarity

Why Do I Support STAND4LOVE?

Simple really. Im 20 years old, and only in the last 2 years I have been openly gay. Well, I say ”openly”. I really mean, I have been open to a handful of people about being gay, and most of them are online friends. Some of my family know, not all. It’s not that they will disown me or be angry if I tell them that I am gay, not at all. It’s just hard for me to say it when it really shouldn’t be that hard of a thing to do, right?

I denied the fact that I was gay to myself for years, even though I knew deep down and quite an early age I was. I don’t think it is right for me to feel this way. Afraid to tell family and friends who I really am. What kind of world is that, where we cannot even be open to the people closest to us, who brought us up? Its ridiculous. The industry I eventually want to get into, Entertainment, is a mixed feeling for me. There are plenty of gay people who are successful in the entertainment business, however, the way that News reporters go about exploiting the fact that someone is gay, or spreading rumours that someone is gay…really scares me. If Justin Bieber wrote a press release tomorrow announcing he was gay, can you imagine the reaction? Why should something so natural, get a reaction like it does in todays society?

I support STAND4LOVE because I do believe that one day in the near future, everyone will be able to love anyone, openly and free with no worries about what people will think of them or how they will be judged. There will always be Assholes in this world yes, it’s just not giving a damn about those few individuals and accepting who we are, and being as open as we want about it. We all have the right to live a happy life, we all have the right to fall in love with that one special person, no matter what sex they are. Love is an amazing thing, it’s what makes the world go round. I’m gay and i’m proud of it, and one day I know I will be 100% comfortable with showing it. Awareness Campaigns like this help, because it shows the amount of support people give, which makes me feel there is nothing to be ashamed of. I guarantee after this experience, I’ll be different…and for the better. I hope you are too, and I hope you also give your support no matter what sexual orientation you are. It’s all about the love.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



STAND4LOVE: Open Your Heart. Open Your Mind.

Press Release: 6/2012

Nothing else should matter but the love that two people share and they should have the right to express and bind that love in marriage regardless if you are Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bisexual or Transgendered.


STAND4LOVE is an awareness charity project to promote the visibility and rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Straight loving couples to have the right to marry and be recognized by the law across the world. It will be a picture campaign in Second Life to spread awareness and promote equality and tolerance. The best pictures with the best message will be published in a book in SL and Issuu. All the pictures will be spotlighted at the STAND4LOVE blog, flickr and facebook.


Each participant will take a picture of themselves in a plain (white or black) background then add the Stand4Love Logo. Put a message of support as well as your SL name and/or Title/Business (Optional) in the picture. If you have a business in SL, you may put your business logo as well in the picture. PLEASE MAKE THE PICTURES 1024×1024 or 512×512 in size. Submit your pictures to RicoRacer Flux or Editorial Clarity before July 15, 2012 to be included in the book.

All pictures received will be published in the STAND4LOVE blog as well as CSLTM and UrWorld blogs. It will also be promoted in Stand4Love Facebook page and Flickr group. We will take the best pictures with the best message of support and put it in a Stand4Love book to be published in Second Life and Issuu. Please Join us.



If you want to participate in this campaign, please let me know. All you need to do is help spread awareness through your pictures. Photograph yourself and your friends who support the cause. Follow the instructions above. If you can help photograph others too, it would be fantastic.



If you can help us advertise STAND4LOVE in your blogs and put our URL in your links, we will do the same under the staff page. Please help us promote marriage equality through your amazing blogs and flickrs.



Anyone who does the project above is considered a supporter and their names will be posted under The Supporter Page and their picture submission will be published in this blog. If you are a designer or business owner in Second Life, we would love to have your support as well and we can put your logo in our supporter’s page.




Rico and Edi ❤ ❤



The Event shall be closed off to the public, however it will be streamed LIVE via Metaverse TV so you don’t miss out on a thing!


Saturday June 16th

10:00 am SLT

This event is closed to public.

Watch live on:



Miss Essence of PurpleMoon™ 2013

Miss Essence of PurpleMoon™ 2013 – Press Release

Celebrating PurpleMoon’s 3rd Anniversary we are holding a photo and live runway contest to give one lady the opportunity to become “The Essence of PurpleMoon”. We are looking for someone who can represent the essence of PurpleMoon.

We want to find the elegance, glamour and magic that PurpleMoon has been offering for these three years. We want to see the heart and soul of PurpleMoon represented in your picture. It’s about great style, beauty and class. But most of all, it’s about getting to see our brand through your eyes. If you would like to become our face please join us, submit your pictures and a group of judges will decide who shall be the one … “The Essence of PurpleMoon 2013″.


[1] Join PurpleMoon Creations in world group.
[2] Join “the ♔The Essence of PurpleMoon™♔” group in Flickr:
[3] The photo can be taken by yourself or somebody else (Please credit the photographer in the description). You have to wear an outfit from PurpleMoon or a mix&match of PurpleMoon designs but no group or hunt gifts are allowed.
[4] The photo must be 1024×1024 pixels or higher but always in 1.1 ratio and must be submitted to the Flickr group. (No pictures sent inworld will be accepted)
[5] You are allowed to submit up to two (2) pictures. One face shot and one full body shot. Rename the pictures “The Essence of PurpleMoon” -”Your Name”.
[6] No logos, signs or names are allowed on the photographs.
[7] We reserve the right to remove from the pool any images that don’t follow these rules.
[8] By posting your pictures in the group you are giving PurpleMoon Creations all the rights to use those pictures for promotion, advertising, etc.
[9] Each month, six monthly winners will be chosen to compete in the Essence of PurpleMoon semi-finals in mid-October. This will be an in-house styling show and personal interviews. Ten finalists will be chosen at this event.
[10] The ten finalists will compete in the Essence of PurpleMoon finals in November. A panel of judges will select the top three winners. More details about what to prepare for the final will be given to the finalists.
[11] Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges to be announced.


Month One: Begins on June 20th, 2012 and ends midnight July 19th, 2012. Winners announced by June 30.
Month Two: Begins on July 20th, 2012 and ends midnight August 19th, 2012. Winners announced by August 30.
Month Three: Begins on August 20th, 2012 and ends midnight September 19th, 2012. Winners announced by September 30.
The semi-finals will take place in mid-October (date/time TBD)
The finals will take place in early November (date/time TBD


Each of the six monthly winners will receive L$2500 in store credit from PurpleMoon, their pictures will be published in magazines and display at PM Main Store and they will receive some special gifts from our sponsors.
Miss Essence of PurpleMoon 2013 will receive L$50000 cash prize and will receive all releases of the year of her reign as the face of PurpleMoon. She will represent the brand in many advertising images for magazines, in store posters and other media, and will be invited to participate in the upcoming fashion shows.
She will receive the official crown custom made by Yula Finesmith from Finesmith Designs and the official title of “Miss Essence of PurpleMoon 2013”. She will also receive the official portrait & body photo by the photographer Magissa Denver.
The winning pictures will be published in magazines and display at PM Main Store and she will receive many special gifts from our sponsors.
There will be also prizes for 1st and 2nd runner ups and for the winners of “The best in…” categories.

Special thanks to our sponsors who enrich our contest with fabulous prizes:

BeStyle Magazine |
Chop Zuey |
Denver Photography |
Diktator |
Finesmith Designs |
Glam Affair |
InWorld Magazine |
Maniera SL |
Wetcat Builds & Poses |
White Widow Makeup |

Poulet Koenkamp
Owner & Designer of PurpleMoon Creations™
PurpleMoon Team



It feels a little strange to promote Marriage Equality when I’ve just recently been single in both lives, but this project is something I am passionate about and strongly believe in. I hope one day to marry the one I love and be able to build a life together that is recognized by the law. I believe nothing else should matter but the love two people share and they should have the right to express and bind that love in marriage.

Please visit the site if you want to participate or give your support. Follow the link above. I thank you in advance for your help.



For over a year, I have been on the process of launching an Equal Rights Awareness Charity in Second Life in the belief that two consenting adults should have the right to love and marry regardless whether they are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered or Straight. I was set to launched last summer (Free2Love) with the help of friends but to be honest I was always afraid. What if no one listens or worse, be humiliated and attacked for something I believed in? I waited and wondered that somebody should be doing something about this. Then I realized I AM SOMEBODY. I’ve been taught that NO ONE WOULD LISTEN IF YOU DON’T SPEAK UP. You can’t just sit on your butt and expect people to open their minds. If I can just open only one mind and make him/her realize that two people should be able to love and marry, then I have achieved my goal. If President Obama can risked his Presidency by supporting Gay Marriage, then I am here STANDING UP 4 Love and I hope you will join me as well. 🙂

Each one of us has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the right to love and be loved in return. GAY, LESBIAN, STRAIGHT, TRANSGENDERED or BISEXUAL…..Sexual Orientation or Race shouldn’t Matter. The FREEDOM to LOVE is fundamental as the FREEDOM to BREATHE. Two adults should have the right to love without discrimination and intolerance. Marriage should be available to any loving couple. Let’s end hatred and discrimination now.

STAND 4 LOVE is an awareness project set to launch this summer 2012 to promote the visibility and rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Straight couples. It will be a picture campaign in Second Life to spread awareness. I am planning to published all the pictures in the CSLTM/ URWORLD blogs as well as in the STAND4LOVE Facebook and flickr. I will take the best pictures with the best message and bind them in a book to publish in SL & Issuu. I am looking for supporters and sponsors in this project. I am not looking for money or donations. Just some help to spread the word. If you are a photographer and would like to help take pictures, it would be awesome. If you are a blogger and would like to spread the message in your blog, we love you for it. If you would like to join the efforts and truly believe in the cause, we would love to have you. Contact RicoRacer Flux or Editorial Clarity. 🙂



PS: We are working on the LOGO at this time. We will be set to launch in a few days.


MEET MVW Mr. Monaco 2012: Maxime Tyran


Hello my name is Maxime Tyran but name me Max, i am 22 years old, i am French, passionate by the fashion industry and always searching for news, i am am more inspired by the casual style and how to be a man with a good style in my every day life. But i like to do new challenges.
I decided to join Mister Virtual World because I love challenge, and in my mind this is the most important challenge in this virtual fashion world. I think I bring a natural side to the competition, because the styles that I do reflects my personality and my character. I also think I bring a young and modern look about fashion.
I know this title is a door on all the fashion industry and with that i would like to work on very interesting and various projects.

Style Card :

Coat : COCO
Pants : Mr.Poet
Shoes : Hoorenbeek
Gloves : Redgrave
Hair : Dura
Umbrella : D


UrWorld Picture Of The Week – June 10th 2012

Emily"s Court - 1


June 3, 2012

Model & Photographer: Petra Messioptra



Each week, we shall give out an award to one picture in the group which shall be selected as our picture of the week, and will be featured on the flickr group home page, UrWorld Blog and


MEET MVW Mr. Luxembourg 2012: Metos Beaumont


Second Life has been part of my existence for 5 years now, with a contantly renewed fascination. As it transformed and evolved, so did my path in the metaverse, going from a mere explorer enjoying the pleasure of various sims to a DJ and a builder. I have not seen it all, far from that, and entering the SL fashion world is one of those transformations. I made my entrance through the small door by djing for BOSL Radio, observing and learning from all those designers, creators and models. This is who I am, RL and SL, a curious frenchie always interested in new things.
I joined Mister Virtual World as a personal challenge, to push my own limits in terms of styling, building, exporessing my personality through an outfit. I hgonestly don’t know what I can bring to the competition aside from my own personality: cheerful, dynamic, imaginative and my own personal belief of what a Mister should be like.
If I win MVW, I would use it to promote the creation on Second LIfe. All forms of creation: fashion, visual arts, music and even litterature. Second Life is a wonderful place for arts and creation and if fashion and music have already taken that amazing importance on the Grid, other form of arts can be pushed on display for everyone to see and recognize.


Body Shot
Hair: salon de Glow – Sugar – Jet Black
Shirt: Gisaci – Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Egyria Red
Tie: Mandala – Smexy Tie Necklace – Polly White
Pants: L&B S’Wear “Buckled Biker” Leather pants with silver belt
Shoes: Exile – Kboots black
Bracelet L: Rozoregalia Nornir Bracelet Simple
Bracelet R: Mandala Reiki Bracelet Black Stone


RicoRacer Flux: Killing Me Softly…

Killing Me Softly…



I’ve been wanting to do a fashion blog on this song by Roberta Flack “Killing Me Softly”. It is one of my favorite songs because it is tender and relatable. Have you ever heard a song that just speaks to you? Some songs are like that just like fashion. I wanted to create a look that is casual but chic and stylish….something a modern musician would wear. This COCO black leather jacket with the gold trim collar is perfect. It is simple with its clean lines yet elegant. I really love the Gold trim on the collar; other colors are also available like black or silver. The super sexy Tableau Vivant see-through shirt is a nice contrast to the clean lines of the jacket. I really love mixing and matching contrasting textures..makes it interesting. The stylish SWAT pants is also from Tableau Vivant. Check out the realistic folds along the length of the pant legs. Necklace is from one of my favorite jewelry store in SL: Rozoregalia. I might not be able to kill you softly with a song, but I hope I killed it in style. 🙂


JACKET: *COCO* Homme – Black Leather Jacket with Gold Trim

SHIRT: Tableau Vivant – Costume Design Aeneas 4

PANTS: Tableau Vivant – SWAT pants

NECKLACE: Rozoregalia – Gemma


ARTIST: Roberta Flack/Fugees

MUSIC: Killing Me Softly With His Song



Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song

I heard he sang a good song
I heard he had a style
And so I came to see him
To listen for a while
And there he was this young boy
A stranger to my eyes


I felt all flushed with fever
Embarrassed by the crowd
I felt he found my letters
And read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish
But he just kept right on


He sang as if he knew me
In all my dark despair
And then he looked right through me
As if I wasn’t there
And he just kept on singing
Singing clear and strong

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song.

Vanilla C Designs Closing Sale

After nearly five years of creating and designing in Second Life, Vanilla C. Designs will close its doors.

I’ve had lots of fun designing and creating and most of all learning. I would like to thank all my wonderful customers
and friends for your support during these years! :)

There will be a final Closing Sale at the mainstore starting
from 8th June till June/July (closing date to be determined). All products will be discounted with maximum price of L$ 100 – so come and grab them while you still can ;)


Where: -= VC DESIGNS Vanilla C. Designs =

When: 8th June – June/July (TBD)

Vanilla Chemistry
Owner & Designer

LOOK Elite Models Presents “Oscurita”

LOOK Elite Models is proud to present   ‘Oscurita’
Featuring [AD] Creations by Aliza Karu
Sunday, June 10th at 12PM SLT  

Dive into the darkness that is [AD] Creations Designer, Aliza Karu’s mind as she presents Second Life with her all new and wonderfully created outfits. Each piece of clothing is one of her very own feelings, expressions or emotions brought to life. Please join us as we present her amazing creations in LOOK Elite Models’, ‘Oscurita’.  

Mesh viewer is required.  

LOOK Elite Models :  
Absinthe (Sinontherocks Resident)
Brigid Meriman
Chamonix Boudreaux
Kay Fairey
Mavi Beck
Syra Hyun  

Event DJ and music provided by
Anubis Darkwatch  

Chat Host  
Amita Yorcliffe  

LOOK Elite Set Builder
Tyler Ethaniel  

LOOK Elite Productions Director
Bety Dudek  

LOOK Elite Graphic Designer
Badon Rain  
 Please contact for inquiries:

  Tyler Barineaux . LOOK Elite Models Chief Operating Officer


Bety Dudek . LOOK Elite Productions Director