STAND4LOVE: Whispers Magic

STAND4LOVE: Whispers Magic

For the past year my son didn’t talk to me. I didn’t do anything… there wasn’t some major event. We were exceptionally close up to that point but nevertheless it happened. I was devastated. I felt as if he had died. I tried everything I could think of. I finally did some research online and discovered it was sort of an epidemic happening across the nation but no one talked about it because they were too ashamed. Every case is different….often they involve kids of divorce.

My son had started talking to his father. The one that took off when he was 2 and never looked back. Well, as they communicated, father decided talking to mom wasn’t a good idea and if son wanted to come live with him he would have to cut off communications. You can see where this was leading right? So my naive, desperate for a dad, son dropped everything, left everything behind and went to live with his father. He lasted less than 2 months.

Sadly he found out that everything I had ever said was true including that his father was a racist and a homophobe. When he heard my son was bisexual he didn’t even let him sleep there that night, he dumped him off at a motel in a big city, bought him a plane ticket, and sent him back to AZ. He didn’t let him pack…and is making him pay to ship his stuff home.

It saddens me that my son had to be hurt so badly because people still can’t free their minds and open their hearts. He was taught to never judge anyone. I think Stand 4 Love is a brilliant idea and if you would like more information please please check out their website here!

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