My Life has not been a fairy tale and I wish I could tell you that everyone has been accepting of who I am. It has been very difficult growing up gay in a small community with a deeply religious family. I have always known I’m different for as long as I can remember, even at 5 years old. I knew right away that it was something I needed to hide because while I was growing up, I’ve been taught that homosexuality is a sin and I should be ashamed and punished for who I am. At 12 years old, I tried to kill myself but was unsuccessful. I was alone, helpless and hopeless during my teen years until I met a friend who taught me that who I am is okay. At 16, my parents found out that I’m gay. They forced me to be committed in a mental institution for “shock” treatments to “cure” my gayness. I refused. They gave me a choice…SHOCK THERAPY or MOVE OUT. I remember that night very well. It was raining and cold. I grabbed several of my clothes in a garbage bag and head out on my own. The last thing I heard from my parents that night was “From now on, you are dead to us. It would have been better if you have cancer than being gay.” I remembered taking the train not knowing where to go, crying my eyes out. I don’t know how I survived but somehow someway I did. I worked two full time jobs nonstop back to back to put myself through school. Now, I own my own home and I’ve made my own “family” who loves me for who I am.

I am not looking for sympathy or attention and I don’t really expect you to understand where I’m coming from. All my life, I have always fought to be myself and now, I will fight for my right to love and marry the person I want to spend my life with. It is such a simple thing to ask and many take it for granted. My love and dreams are beautiful too. I want to settle down with my husband and a dog in a house with white picket fence. I want to be treated with respect as a human being. I refused to live in a society where two consenting adults can’t love and marry in the eyes of the law. Until that day that  I am able to stand across the man I love and say,”I DO”… I will STAND4LOVE. I hope you will join me too.



RicoRacer Flux


  1. Rico, you are one beautiful and amazing person. Your story may touch have touched some one or saved some ones life. Never underestimate the power of honesty. I am so honored to know you over the last few years. Thank you both for sharing your personal stories.

  2. there r 2 types of ppl in life, those who breathe to live and those who just exist, those who get settled with whatever life gives them and lives someone else’s life and those who stand for what they believe, feel, dream ..
    i dont usually do comments but Rico’s story gave us a taste of what type of person we all should b ..
    thank u Rico for standing of what u r…

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