MEET MVW Mr. India 2012: TymonAlexander



Greetings everyone ,  My name Is Tymonalexander 27 years old , a Hair stylist & make up artist  in my real life . I was born in Morocco and  I spent my life  traveling  between France , Spain , and I eventually landed in Belgium , where I have lived for 4 years now .  This is where my  versatile and eclectic  personality, tastes, styles comes from . Sl for me  is  place where people come after work to have some fun and meet nice people and enjoy they times.

My time in sl  is spent between styling, shopping , working  on my Androgynous magazine, going and watching shows , dancing or just talking with my close friends, who I love to pieces they will recognize themselves♥  cause even though it is a virtual world,  we all need support  and people you trust and count on around  you .

I joined  Mister Virtual World  because it seems to be a very unique and exciting experience  to try and I confirm it is .  It push you to your limits and even gets you to see the finest details and become a true perfectionist at your styling and fitting abilities . You learn to search deep  inside your inspiration  to come up  with something new  and different . I become where I will be prepared for anything,  anywhere . But my own main goal for me is for tolerance and freedom , be YOU .

I think what I bring  to the competition  is my eclectic styling which is multicultural and to show people who I am and what I am made of.  I love to help people learn and be the best they can be.

“If i win ” ?  I’ve already won , because I was chosen as candidate and  it means we are all potentially winners and have skills to be  Mister Virtual . It all depends on a few details which can be very a little to make the difference and the judges choices .

But if I get the title, I would do what I do everyday, which is try be inspiration to people ,  help organizations, associations and charities .  I would thank all the people who work so hard in SL for others, Like relay for life, Ashraya, Feed Smiles, Breast Cancer Awareness , Aids Awareness, No Hate , Suicide Prevention and so many more . We do help people and there are always so many that need promotion, people to donate time and lindens too, anything I can help with and be a part of is my honor to do so.

To finish this interview  I would say to all the candidates,  good luck and it is a great honor to be with you guys in this journey .

Have a Great  Week
mister v INDIA 2012


Photographer   tymonalexander  .
Hair : Yasyn’s Honest Fauxhawk – Seal Brown
Jacket : [NSD] Napoleon Jacket
~Tableau Vivant~ Dean jeans – Pants layer
TEN”10 Megas boot mesh black


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