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The UrWorld Vision

2 months ago, UrWorld was finally started. It has been an idea and ambition of mine stuck in the back of my mind for quite some time, it was just trying to find the right time to get this thing off the ground that was the problem for me. Ever since coming into Second Life, I have been working for or with someone elses company/organization. As much as I have enjoyed the experiences and lessons I have learned along the way, I felt it was time for me to branch out into something of my own. UrWorld is that for me.

The beginning of UrWorld was rocky. There were a few negative things going on around that time that I felt pushed me to launch this project now, or I never will. So far, I am happy with how it has gone, and we have a nice community growing slowly but surely in our In World group and on our Facebook Page. This group of members between them have an expansive amount of knowledge and experience in all areas of the fashion and modeling world of Second Life. Our group ranges from some fo the grids top models to new faces emerging onto the scene. From some of the great content creators to the media and marketing gurus. These people are what UrWorld is all about, any anyone can join.

The aim of UrWorld is to not only to be a resource for fine information on the latest fashion trends, releases and events, but to have a laid back approach to our Second Lives. UrWorld is not about making money, it is not about starting a business. The focus is simple, to have a community where drama is nowhere to be seen, and everyone can sit back and enjoy what the grid has to offer as one big family. It’s new, It’s fresh…its a family.
UrWorld is slowly growing. Do we want it to be a huge business raking in the cash? No. I don’t want to make a penny from anything. Do I want UrWorld to grow and be successful in what it is all about? Of course, why wouldn’t I? I’m passionate about it and so are the small team involved in keeping it running nice and smooth. We want UrWorld to reach out to as many as possible over time, and we hope everyone has a pleasant experience with us.

We have an inworld group which is open to anyone. We do not only allow certain top bloggers to send notices, we allow anyone. We feel everyone should be given the opportunity to showcase their work, whether they are a top model or a new face. All Designer products or event notices posted in the group are also published and marketed on the website. We constantly check the inworld group notices to make sure they are posted online. We also have a great group of Fashion Bloggers posting daily to keep UrWorld followers up to date on the latest trends hitting the grid. This is not only about the UrWorld blog, it is also an avenue to advertise and promote your own personal blog. Any blogger can blog on UrWorld, just as long as you blog at least twice a month on UrWorld. That is all we ask in return. We shall feature your blog on the homepage of the site, and on the bloggers page. We also promote each post onto our Facebook page, which within 2 months has grown to nearly 160 members, and continues to grow each day.

I just wanted to post this here and just let you know what UrWorld is all about. For those who are part of the family already and who have been from the start, we hope you are enjoying your experience with us so far. For those who are yet to join, we can’t wait for you to come and share Ur World with us all :)

Editorial Clarity




Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/urworld_sl/

Website/Blog: http://urworldsl.wordpress.com/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/UrWorldSl

INWORLD Group: Ask Editorial Clarity for an invite and notice rights or join freely by looking at his groups for UrWorld.


MEET MVW Mr. Scotland 2012: Erikstyle


My name erikstyle resident, I Can Say That My interest in fashion started by rl. Having a companion who was working as a model in fashion, then I went on secondlife and I met a very good model is to me now from my partner has taught the basics to become a good model. I graduated in August of 2011 from Modway Academy and then to KV Dream Fashion Agency. I started doing shows in all agencies fasshion Italian, then I thought to myself knowing i had to move outside the Italian agencies and know I did. I must say That it was not easy with foreign agencies not intregrarmi HAVING bases the English language, but I gave up and with the patience and the will are Able to enter lepiù Between major modeling agencies in sl. I Know That My career is just beginning and all that I have much to learn and blackberries continue to engage as I have done until now to the best of me.

My SL Fashion / Modeling/Resume:        

Inworld Inc. Official-Model
Opium-Evolution Model
Carisma mdel International Agency -Model
Jen International Agency – Supermodel
K.V. Dream Fashion Agency – Top model
Modway Academy-Top Model
Posh Beauty Models-Model
Avcom Pro Model-Model
Graduated from
Modway Academy 23/08/2011
K.V. Dream Fashion Agency 01/11/2011
♛ Top 2  Finalist for Mr. Avatar World 2012 ♛

I had heard about this contest, one of the most important part where the best models of sl. I said let’s try to participate if they are very aware that there are models much better than me, now that I’m a competitor ufficile. I will give more 100% because I will have a direct comparison with all the best models this is what excites me and an incentive to give my all in this competition.

The title of MVW is very important. Surely this is the biggest contest in Second Life. I’d use this victory to represent some charity that operates in Second Life and rl, for example, the charity Ashraya Project is Miss. Anna Sapphire virtual world, or in the world does not forget that there are only humans who can help, but also animals or nature. Undoubtedly, the competition opens many avenues in the fashion industry, my passion!

styling card:


Tableau Vivant – Orestes shirt
Tableau Vivant – Costume design – Reich pants
Countdown.Iris Lace US
Gizza – Freddie Mercury Inspiration – Belt


Dura hairbase black
Dura-Boy 33 black


Gizza Shalwar outfits Vol.1 boots


Egoisme Addon Eyeliner


Evian – Johan Medium


TOO SEXY Magazine June 2012 Issue



COVER MODEL: Tempest Hennesy

”It’s our wedding issue. Check out some stunning gown options in our Hot List, see some great places to find flowers for your big day, and every wedding needs some adorable little flowergirls! We also celebrate the fashion of Prism and its designer Journey McLaglen, share some of our fav swimsuits….and so so so much more!”