MEET MVW Mr. Belgium 2012: Boniefacio


I’m a simple Belgium guy that started in sl because i like fashion in rl and i like music (rl dj). I am at the Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy where i hope to graduate 4 june and i am following the Mr Virtual World Academy. Fashion is an passion in rl and when i did see what u can do here in sl i was wow i got to try this. Making my own designs and mix matching pieces of different outfits together is just great.

When i started i wanted to bring my passion for fashion into this virtual game. And then i did hear u can start a career as a model here. It’s a really challenge to compete against the best of the best and i hope that i can be the one they are looking for. I bring my own creations into the Mister Virtual World competition as much as i can and i will bring some creativity.

As Mr VW, i can have the chance to support different projects and help others. I would like to be know as the Mr. Vw that has a his heart at the right place and shows a helping hand, i would not only represent BOSL but also put Belgium on the world map. There are not so many dutch speaking people that found the way into modeling so i would call out and say try it if you have creativity in you. I would like to support new designers and help people on there way to become a model. My dream is that i can become a model teacher or styling agent and that i can help others that way … teaching is in my blood.


eyes : madesign honesty
HairĀ  : Cheerno simple hair
Earrings : kris earrings Phoebe piercings and more
Necklace : Gabriel crest necklace black
Headpiece : own creation
Glasses : crie sprung
Rings : Mandala sinra
Make up : Madrid solo distant cousin / ocean’s jade lips red silver
Belt : Rfyre
Rapier : own design/creation
Skin : Akeruka
Boots : Hoorenbeek riding boots – changed to my taste
Pants : Tableau Vivant gatsby pants grey
Jacket : Lazybum Ringmaster jacket black