MEET MVW Mr. Austria 2012: Silvano Korobase


I am a native of Austria and I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I began Second Life a little over 5 years ago. I enjoy my time in Second Life and in many ways it echo’s my RL. In RL I work as a costume creator and tailor for Berlin’s finest playhouse and theatre. In SL I also work in the theatre. I regularly create sets and act, sing, and dance in shows at Theatre on the Hill. Last year I began to model in SL, as a curiosity of fulfilling a dream. I quickly found a great passion for the creative side of modeling. I seemed to acclimate to the art of modeling very quickly. As time went by I also found styling to be my true love. I have been in a relationship with my SL husband Hethwen, for over 8 months. We met at the end of summer last year as we both entered the modeling world. We both walked our very first show together and grew to love modeling and one another. We were married on Christmas Eve. This coming June we will open Kortaus, our new interior design store. It allows us to explore and venture into our creative selves, and surround ourselves with lovely things.

LOL… it was not on a curious whim like my modeling career began. I joined Mister Virtual World as a very planned and well organized move. Both me and my husband Hethwen love to model and compete. We were approached last year about competing in Mr Avatar World and Heth decided he wanted to do it. We mutually decided never to compete against one another. Rather, we would take turns and help one another as we compete. I would help him compete in Mr Avatar World and he would, in turn, help me compete in Mr Virtual World. Heth has years of pageant experience in RL and has trained men and women to compete both in SL and RL. So with our plan well made, I entered the MVW Modeling Academy earlier this year and graduated successfully. For many of the men in this competition it started a few weeks ago, but for me this all started last year. As for what I can “bring” to this competition… myself. I have learned from the best teachers and academies and have earned my credentials. More, the modeling world has not changed me as I see all to often in others. I bring myself, the man (Andreas) behind this avatar that you see as Silvano Korobase. I bring someone who has not changed or become some preconceived notion of what others precieve a Mister Virtual World to be. Rather, someone who has been trained, is prepared, and plans to take this title and work within SL and RL to promote this system. I will bring someone who is confident, well grounded, and who is, and always will remain, humble. I will bring someone who will not sit on this title should I earn it. I plan to take Mr Virtual World to an entire new level. I will also bring one of my most prized gifts that I possess and that is raising money for charitable organizations. It has always amazed me how people will give to organizations that have celebrity affiliates. If being Mr Virtual World offers me “celebrity status”, then I will certainly ride that wave to fullest and raise funds for two primary focuses; AIDS research and childrens cancer research. These two focus interests are very important to me. You asked what will I bring? This, and so much more. I see the opportunity of being our next Mr Virtual World as not simply a crown and title, but a full time job and commitment to maintain a standard of excellence while supporting and promoting the pageant. If I earn this you can expect to see all of this.

If I win MVW, I would support and promote the growth of the pageant and the entire system. My platforms would be to raise funds for the research of, and to find cures for, AIDS and childrens cancer. Beyond this, I would love to do 2 other things. First, create a new scholarship program for the men and women of SL who cannot afford to attend the MVW Academy. Anyone showing a sincere desire to be a model but who cannot financially afford to attend the best modeling school on the grid would have the same opportunities as I have been blessed with. Second, I would create a more visible link to the performing arts here in SL and promote self and creative expression through public exhibits and performances in the arts. I have met many people in SL who come here for the joy of escapism that it offers. Lifting others up and allowing them to blossom and grow through the performing arts is a reward all within itself. If I can help someone to shine for even 1 hour and make them feel that they have joy in their RL and/or SL, then I have done what I set out to do.

In closing, I would like to thank you Rico for this interview and opportunity to allow others to get to know me better. I invite the readers to join us as we work through the next few weeks of style challenges and work our way towards the finals to crown our next Mr Virtual World. Thank you.


Suit: Mohna Lisa Valentino Grey
Shoes: =DeLa*Men= Leather Monk Strap Shoes “Fabian” Black
Hair: >TRUTH< Drake – cocoa
Sideburn:Jaryth’s Barber Shop Sideburns- Light Brown
Jewels: Chop Zuey  Winter Solstice WG Ring




June 3, 2012

Picture by: Sabbian Paine



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MEET MVW Mr. Canada 2012: Adonis Hansome


I’ve been modeling since July of 2011 and fell in love with it right from the start. I strive at all times to excel at what I do, learning from others and try to help others in the same way. I am always very friendly and easy going. I will never refuse helping someone who needs it as I was once the one asking for help.

Since day one of my modelling career, I had set a goal for myself and that was MVW. This is a huge challenge to stand alongside so many amazing male models and to test my styling abilities while competing against them. I bring my own sense of style and of course personality to this competetion..I love being a model and I always have fun in every show or competition I am in.

To even think of winning would be an honor to say the least. All eyes will be on him and will look up to him as a role model, especially to the up and coming male models. MVW should be a spokes person of the sorts for all new models who wish advice in their future career.  It will be a huge responsibility for the winner as all eyes will be on him. I have learned so much in the time I have been modelling and I would love to be able to pass on my knowledge to our future models and future MR VW’s.


Hair- Dura Boy 30

Jewellry- Fusion Cord Cross Bracelet and Necklace

Trousers- Guarded Cross Chinos Cream

Shirt- Loyus Noir Black Aline

Vest- Sartoria BW vest

Shoes-Inedit Dean