MEET MVW Mr. Spain 2012: Kenshin Xevion



I’m just a regular guy that enjoys his friends, being silly and having fun. Also a part time sim explorer always something new and interesting to find out there *smiles*, most of all I’m just me easy to approach so feel free to talk to me anytime.

I have been a model for almost two years here in SL. I love to challenge myself and continue to grow in the ever changing world of fashion. Mister Virtual World is the most recognized competition in SL and from my understanding the most challenging as well. I joined Mister Virtual World because this way I can push myself to the highest standards it requires.

If I were to win Mister Virtual World, I believe it would open a wide range of communications within the fashion industry for me. It would also present new opportunities for me to expand my knowledge and pass that knowledge along to the new models choosing to endeavor in this creative field.


Hair in Headshot: Tukinowaguma
Hair: Exile Akio
Jewelry: Fusion Bronze Pearl Charm
Shirt: Egoisme Sauvage
Shorts: Micoolie Saruel Vintage
Shoes: Gabriel Leather Bootie
Tattoo: Henna Tattoo 14