MEET MVW Mr. Brazil 2012: Tadeu Gartner


In Real Life: I am Brazilian,  27 year’s old and I love the life. Through friend of work on real life in a conversation he told me about Second Life. Where awakened a interesting about that world virtual, where I could do whatever I like and realize my impossible dream’s. (Some by social prejudice)

I work as a model since April 15, 2010, trying involve a little bit of experience I have on the Real Life to this magic world. I love my career with all my soul, this is all the best I have done here in Second Life. I learned the valorize anything I done into my avatar, because I discovered behind my avatar the sense true word Friendship. I am the sign Virgo, shy, demanding, detail-oriented, sincere in my words and honest in all of the reasons. I often forget my own good to help people around me (forgetting to take care of myself). This is me a human quality and defects true friend for sure you can trust because I always love can help people !!!

About my work done as a model in Second Life here a summary:


♛ Elegancia Passions ♛ (Feb./2012)
♛ Siren Productions ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Metaverse TV Models ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ House of Heartsdale ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ D’ior Modelling Agency ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Solo Evane Model Agency ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Costa Rica Sims Productions ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ KABUKI Boutique ♛ (Nov./2011)
♛ 5th Avenue Modeling Agency ♛ (Nov./2011)
♛ PoBa Models Agency ♛ (Oct./2011)
♛ BLVD Agency Model ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ DMC Modeling Agency ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Opium Fashion Agency ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Intern. Modeling Agency Inc. ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Elite Pasarella Model ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Inworld Inc. Model ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ noBrix Model Agency ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Top Ten Magic Model ♛ (Aug./2011)
♛ Avante Modeling Agency ♛ (Aug./2011)
♛ Beauty Posh Models ♛ (Aug./2011)
♛ GLANCE International Agency ♛ (July/2011)
♛ Maritima Inc. ♛ (Dec./2010) * Closed
♛ ABS Model Academy ♛ (Nov./2010) * Closed
♛ A.M Top Model Agency ♛ (Sept./2010) * Closed
♛ Cazalet Agency Models ♛ (April/2010) * Closed
♛ FineSmith Live Models ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Egoisme Models ♛ (Oct./2011)
★ AVENUE Models Academy
★ GLANCE International Agency

I joined MVW because I believe that my vision of fashion goes beyond professionalism. Involved from a very feeling and respect for each organizer, designer, agency, for all who trust in my work! It’s a feeling that runs in my blood, that makes my heart race (either when I’m in a contest or parade). The word defines the love I feel for every step I’m taking from here on since Mister Virtual World.
Being Mister Brazil as well, to be an immense responsibility is to win most respected in the fashion industry in which I’m sure that learning will be crucial for my career. For competition I just want to bring a different look from what I see on the runways. I’m not here to be just another face, but to mark the history of fashion in Second Life and prove that a man knows fashion !!!

Looking on to win the title is to make sure that I will add in my reign as a Brazilian native who can add value, marketing, advertising, knowledge, learning and professionalism especially in all my daily tasks. Because from my point of view (opinion) is a title, a name ever. I want to win more and more the respect of everyone here trust me and my pontential. And I am sure that the responsibility of representing not only my country Brazil as my official name, a person who is having an avatar is even greater. Because I believe that all I want to make here is with love, honesty and caring.

” You have to know the rules in order to break them. And I’m here for that, to demolish the rules, but keep the tradition. ”
( Alexander McQueen )


▌Body Parts
Hair:  -dDx- Sydd – Cool Browns
Nails:  SLink Jolie Prim Nails

Suit:  [VM] VERO MODERO / Achill Bridegroom Pink
Socks:  *Sheer* Knee-Highs
Shoes:  [ hoorenbeek ] Allen 2.0 w/Buckle – Black

Earring:  *Muism* Jewelled Stud/silver.clear


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