MANIERA MAGAZINE June 2012 Women’s Edition


Maniera Magazine proudly presents its annual women’s issue featuring women who inspire us. Interviews with Bryn Oh, Scarlett LaRoux, Anne Scarlette, Clem Velinov plus two women’s survival of cancer and Maniera Magazine goes RL.

Guess who is that breathtakingly Gorgeous Model on the Cover?

That is the awesome TOPAZ JOUBERT in Real Life. Her real life name is Thelma Lay and I am so happy to meet the amazing person behind the avatar. She has been an inspiration in my life since I started modeling. She gave me my first big break when I won Maniera Men of Style in 2009; just several months after my Rez date in SL. She has been one of my mentors since the beginning and I can’t thank her enough for her generous support and genuine friendship. She has become my SL mom and she even gave me away at my wedding. Love ya, Topaz. You are a beautiful person inside and out. 🙂



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