MEET MVW Mr. Philippines 2012: eLJhay Denver

 eLJhay Denver

I am a simple guy, who have goals and dreams in life that I wanted to achieve just like this, Mr. Virtual World. Who likes to meet other people, be a friend to all and also be a help if needed. Who likes to hang around, learn new things, do things at my best. Who loves to dress up just like how I style myself in rl, kinda vain also and loves to discover things on how I can enhance myself. When I started SL, after a friend brought me to stores I already dreamt of being a model. Unable to pay the fees for school and cannot afford those awesome clothes, I worked in different fields. I may not have succeed but at least I grow. Now I think I’m ready for my long time dream being a model having the chance to be chosen as finalist here in Mr. Virtual World.

Now I’m here in front of you, representing our wonderful country of Philippines. Proud to be one of these misters. May not be as professional like them but promise to show you the best that I can, and learn from them.

First of all, I already entered MVW almost 2 years ago when I was a newbie in Second life. Unfortunately, Lady Luck was not on my side, but I believed Conrad Hilton when he said that achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. I have the same goals as to the last time I joined. Ever since I started in SL, I wanted to be one of those models in the ads that everyone will see when they go shopping. I wanted to be that simple, cute and trendy guy that they may even have a crush on and follow how I look. . I find it very nice to show yourself to others, styling myself in different genres and they will follow your trend, the way you dress and all; Be like a role model to them; Be trendy and informative that others will know what’s the latest in the fashion world today; may it be sophisticated or simple, depending on their wants. And this is a huge competition I sure wanna engage myself with, styling, preparations, practicing and all. I wanna test myself on how I can dwell with it as a person who knows nothing about this field but willing to learn all and do my best with it.

Mr. Virtual World was a dream that has came true now that I’m a finalist. Win or lose, this is already a joyous victory for me being line up with professional models around the grid, meeting big and famous people, the experience, and everything about this prestige competition in the whole SL. Hoping that this could be the start of my modelling career.

*If I win, I want to use this opportunity to help newbies develop their avatars to become more like themselves RL or the person they want to be on SL. I want to help the unknown but talented creators/designers obtain a bigger crowd or audience. I would also help each field with all the skills I have, which includes photography, write ups, styling or pretty much anything I could be of help with. I am willing to learn blogging and enroll to a modelling school just to be knowledgeable and be capable to perform the responsibility given.


Hair – [Shag] – Soldier Boy
Shirt –  Aoharu – Woven Shirt
Swimwear – Custom made by Vitamen for me ( Mr. Phils. )
Earrings – +Rozoregalia+ Nornir
Necklace – Mako’s Paradox – Star of Cross Choker
Bracelet – *Blitzed* Legacy Bracelet


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