MEET MVW Mr. United Kingdom 2012: World Undercroft

Please give a warm WELCOME to Mr. United Kingdom 2012


I have given all the gentlemen the same series of questions in the interview so it is fair. I wanted to learn about them in SL, why they entered MVW, what can they bring to the competition and what would they do with the title if they win. I hope this will help us get to know them more and what they are all about.

Please feel free to give them your love and support. ❤


I started Second Life in January 2008 with a close friend who shared my passion for places where you could create, where you could express yourself in any way imaginable, be it by a character or by surrounding.  Today, though he has left the game, I still find the excitement of getting a plane past a sim crossing or driving a motorcycle up impossible places. I still enjoy the simple things in SL and also enjoy the impossibles.

I think I try to bring to Mister Virtual World the uncommon, I love a challenge and especially love to challenge myself. It took a while for me to  see clothing not as female or male, but as distinct parts. Every outfit can tell a story if you allow it, and I hope to do my best and tell my story with the best Male models on the grid.

If I win MVW this year, I would like to step up my charity work for RFL and figure out a better way to help them. I also would like to step up my activities for the models workshop and feel the energy from the new models, and to continue my driving through Morris, Fame, and Oak Grove just like in 2008. I don’t want to change, I just want to get better.


Nuuna’s skin
Nuuna’s Glam rocker makeup in gold
Eyes creepy black eyes Nuuna’s (Halloween set)
Vitas Boudoir Kiss my asp pants, shirt
Eshi Otawara carved leather catsuit tshirt layer
Hair and arm tassles Checkmate (black) by Eshi Otawara
[sYs] Psylo – Purple collar and belt
spine element with spikes shine Grim Bros
[NeurolaB Inc.] Fatality Electro boots


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