inWorld inc. New Gen Presents THE HUNK CONTEST

inWorld inc. New Gen Presents.
The Hunk Contest
Sponsored by’ VITAMEN

The Hunk A sexually attractive man with a well developed physique,sexy and smart

Contest Rules :
1.At least 3 months in SL
2.Sign Up for the contest and will come to all date for the contest matter.
3.Must be walk on runway
4.Hates Drama

Contest Regulation :
1.Send Raw Picture Wearing Vitamen by’ Vitamen Hax in White background,Straight angle So can see FULL BODY

2.You have to represent a Continent and Race,where you come from as the Hunk:
Asia,Africa,Middle East,Europe,America
And present the skin color if you choose one already u cant change,like hair color,skin color have to be same in each competition u in.
3.Not Too Much Make Up/Accessories

Date :
Day 1 – July 7th 2012 Way To Semi Final
All Contestant Runaway Walk Wearing Vitamen Lingery

Day 2 – July 21th 2012 Semi Final

Day 3 – July 29th 2012 Final

The Hunk Bio :
-Name :
-Age :
-Gender : Straight/Gay/Bi
-Continent :
-Country :
-Hair Color :
-Eye Color :
-Skin Color :
-Height :
-Modeling Experience (name 3 only the latest one) :
-Do you think you are “The Hunk” and Why?

-Prize for 1 winner and 2 runner up
Total 7500L by’ Vitamen Hax
-Cover of inWorld Magz
-Interview in inWorld Magz

Send this note not later than 30th of June 2012 to Maya Sharpshire

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