OMG, LooK What Our Son Did Today!!!!!!!

Look what our new son did today to our lovely house. O.O
Ohhhhhh, he is sooooo grounded. The timeout chair is not enough for this.
I think he is trying to get back at us ‘cuz last night when he went AFK, We tried to put him in a box and ship him back to MAW: Make A Wish Agency. The little booger is crafty. o.O

*Me thinks of ways to get back at him.
-Put Bengay on his Vaseline?
-Cut all his underwear into thongs?
-Any IDeas????


  1. Lol, kids you gotta love them…. Rico, grounding will have no impact whatsoever, what you need to do is cut him off from his friends – take away his cell phone, ban him from facebook and all other such social media : ) – can tell I’m an evil Mom can’t you!

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