Blogger Spotlight: LisaMun Aronowicz “Strip’d Fashions”

Have You Been :[strip’d]:???

I was introduced to :[strip’d]: Fashion recently and instantly fell in love with the pretty dresses when I saw the clean lines and lovely vibrant hues! There are also separates, sunglasses and fashion for both men and women, so do drop by to see the whole range! And if (like me), you prefer to shop ‘online’, there’s always Marketplace!


Cadence [Black&White] (mesh-sun hat included) from :[stip’d]: Fashion and also on Marketplace –new! (other colours available)

Crazy Horse hair from Vanity Hair
Slither Jewellery Set (necklace, armband, bracelet, belly jewel, earrings) by JodiLyn Jewell on Marketplace–free
BLOG by LisaMun Aronowicz.

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