16 April 2012


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PR Contacts:
Press: Kay Fairey (Jap/Eng) or Xandrah Sciavo (Eng)
General questions: Leah McCullough (Eng/Spa)


“Giving hope and love to the children of India”

May 5th – June 4th 2012


• Thu. May 3rd: Opening to Bloggers and Press

• Sat. May 5th:
10.00 am SLT: Fashion Show featuring exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair
12.00 pm SLT:  Interview to Virginia Lupindo “How Ashraya changed my life”
12.30 pm SLT: Celebration Party with Djs
6.00 pm SLT: Fashion Show featuring exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair

• Sun. May 6th: Official Opening of The Ashraya Project Fashion Fair

• Sun. May 13th, 11.00 pm SLT: Ga-Go SL Ver. Concert

• Fri. May 18th, 2.00 pm SLT: Mankind Tracer Concert

• Mon. May 28th, 12.00 pm SLT: Official Opening of the Art Expo

• Mon. June 4th, 12.00 pm SLT: Closing Party and Auctions

DJs schedule will be announced soon


Ashraya is an organization based in India which operates with the purpose of providing aid to Indian children in need and abused women through the implementation of various projects.

From the organization’s website:
“Ashraya”, meaning ‘Shelter’ has brought hope and love into the lives of several hundred children and women, over many years. Founded and registered in 1982, the Bangalore based organization is dedicated to finding solutions for children within the frame work of their own biological families, or in adoptive homes. Initially, the organization’s main function was to work with and rehabilitate destitute, poor and abandoned children. It has now extended its services to the family as a whole.”    (

As is true in so many nations throughout our world, the quality of care for institutionalized children suffers due to lack of resources and financial support. When founded, Ashraya’s purpose was to improve the quality of care for these children.
The organization operates under the firm belief that such institutions are best only as temporary placement for children, and adoption has become a large piece of Ashraya’s mission. Through the important work done here, hundreds of children are placed with their forever families and are able to enjoy happiness and a bright future.

Education is highly valued by Ashraya, and that is why the organization also supports endeavors to provide schooling to children who would not otherwise be able to learn to read and write.
By helping children lead safe, happy lives and providing them with the important tools that a solid education can bring, Ashraya continues to improve the world, one young life at a time.

Read Ashraya success stories here:



Our focus with this project will be to come to the aid of the many Indian children who need us today through the sponsorship of basic needs items as well as study programs. By participating in The ASHRAYA PROJECT, you too may help to provide food for a day or even a week, a pair of shoes, or clothing.
It is our hope that through our donations, we are able to help fund the education for as many children as possible. This, we believe, is a worthwhile cause.

Plans are currently underway for this exciting event which will open on May 5, 2012, with a KICKOFF CELEBRATION PARTY and two FASHION SHOWS featuring a live showcase of exclusive items which will be available at the FASHION FAIR running from May 6 until June 4.
Each vendor participating in the fair has agreed to offer at least one exclusive item, and the full proceeds for these exclusive items will be donated to Ashraya.

Throughout the month, we are planning various live performances for your enjoyment, and the event will close with the ART EXPO from May 28 until June 4, at which exclusive artistic creations from many talented artists on the grid will be featured and even available for purchase.
An ongoing raffle will also run during the event at which participants can win a variety of prizes ranging from personal styling sessions to photo shoots.

Our event will be held at two sims which have been graciously donated to us by BONAIRE ESTATES, and we are excited to be partnering with them for what promises to be an incredible project. The LM of the sims will be sent soon.

So many of the grid’s top designers have joined our team and will be participating as vendors in the fashion fair, and we are pleased to announce that we still have some spots available to add even more designers.
If you are interested in participating as designer, please contact Anna Sapphire for your application.

The complete list of the designers participating in The ASHRAYA PROJECT FASHION FAIR will be announced April 20.


For more information, please visit the following sites:

The Ashraya Project


Neelbagh Rural Residential School


The Ashraya Project Team

Anna Sapphire

Team Members:
Arialee Miles
Carley Benazzi
Daniele Eberhardt
Jax Aster
Kay Fairey
Leah McCullough
Xandrah Sciavo

Setsuna Infinity


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