POSE FAIR 2012 Picture Contest


This is the first time we have ever run a photo competition at Pose Fair! The rules are simple and it will be easy to enter, all you need is a Flickr account.

— Take a photo, in whatever style you want, using a product purchased at Pose Fair. It can be anything – a couples photo, a photo on your own, or a motion shot using a dance animation, or literally anything else! Pick up some of the fun gadgets on offer at the fair to make your photography easier, too!
— We don’t care about photo editing – if you take an imaginative photo, perfectly lit and composed, that will beat out an over-edited, badly composed shot ever time. Don’t worry!
— Submit it to the Flickr group, located here:


That’s it! You’re done!

The contest will be judged by the people who helped me put Pose Fair together:
– Katey Coppola
– Kaz Nayar
– Sabra Karu
– Hallie Galli

And now the important bit… the PRIZES! These will be picked on May 2nd, to give you a few days after the fair to get your photos submitted. Winners will be announced on http://www.kateycoppola.com and on plurk, on http://www.plurk.com/posefair as well as in the Pose Fair Information group (which you can join here – secondlife:///app/group/be0de4dc-c28f-ddeb-8a69-753654c8b99b/about )


Get your snapping fingers out and enjoy Pose Fair 2012!

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