Ladies, do you remember a time when, as a child, you accidentally stumbled upon a treasured family armoire or an old chest tucked away in an attic or back room, and you opened it to find the most beautiful vintage gown? The color had ever-so-slightly faded, but even with age it maintained its enduring style and rare quality, and the pearls and sparkling embellishments along with the hand-sewn silk flowers brought this timeless gown back to life . . .

Now that memory comes alive once again with the release of CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture’s VINTAGE, a stunning haute couture gown, perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons, and one that will make your heart pound with excitement each time you reach for it!

Offered In six colors (Old Purple, Old Blue, Old Pink, Old Green, Old Yellow, and Old White), you will have a hard time picking which is your favorite. The unique, soft, dreamy variations of color in this gown are enhanced by the beauty of its simple and yet classically tailored lines. The strapless bodice is covered in tear-shaped pearls. Form-fitting to the floor, a lovely sheer train surrounds the back and sides, and the entire gown is covered in sparkling beads which move and flow gracefully with you.

Encircling the waist are lovely silk flowers dyed to match the gown. To complete this elegant look we include flowers which you can place in your hair.

The breathtaking Jade Spectre, our Face of the Month for April, models VINTAGE and will appear in our magazine ads and on our vendors.

Much like an aging fine wine, VINTAGE will only get better with time. This memorable, feminine classic will forever be a lasting addition to your wardrobe.

Our name and location may be new but the quality you have come to know and expect is better than ever!

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