Miss Bliss Couture 2012. Second Phase

Second Phase, April

Bliss Couture Flagship Store

from april 1st to 22nd 2012

MISS BLISS COUTURE 2012’s first phase has just ended and we are stunned for the beauty of the models who applied.

Bliss Couture is glad to announce the beginning of the second phase of its pageant of the year. You can send your application from sunday april 1st to sunday april 22nd as better explained in our blog.

We are looking for the brand’s icon for 2012, a lady whose beauty, elegance and style will represent the essence of Bliss Couture. She will be the fashion house’s testimonial in every public event, show, press campaign beside modelling all our Collections for our official blog and in many store arts and vendors.

MISS BLISS COUTURE 2012 has begun on march 5th, and you have three months to apply (3 phases: march/april/may). 20 entries will be short listed each time (60 in total) and called back for a live audition. The Finale will be held in the middle of june and hosted at the Modavia Fashion Centre. MISS BLISS COUTURE 2012 model search would like to encourage fresh faces to enter. You dont have to be already a famous model, just be flawless.

The fashion house is proud and grateful after the amazing experience of the first phase (march), for the quality work presented by the entrants and the overwhelming response. And this is the time to announce the first 20 prefinalists:

Alethia Bonham
Amita Yorcliffe
AnnaG Pfeffer
Annough Lykin
Beatrice Serendipity
Betty Draesia
Blair Zackerly
Catlyn Sahara
Dementia Navarita
Draakje Dailey
Estela Serenity
Gem Henly
Laurelrose Anthony
Mio Linette
Nice Wildrose
Sakura Zimberman
Rehana Seljan
Taylor Wassep
Vivienne Darcy
Xandrah Sciavo

Congratulations and we’ll see you on the runway!
All the wonderful pictures of march entries are shown in the Miss Bliss Couture 2012 Show Room.