BeStyle Magazine March 2012

BeStyle Magazine March 2012 is out !!

A BeStyle Fashion Style…

BeStyle or the eternal summer , or the shiver of the glamour.
BeStyle or the dream factory.
As the fashion, our Italian sims does not stop it hypnotizing the seasons.

This radiant spell, we are so proud this month to present
*SoliDea FoliEs* with the new collection of Mila Tatham.
So glamorous collection as exceptional as fashionable that every top model wants wear….

Thank you Mila to make us dream !

We shall focus also this month our favorites brands Purplemooon,
VERO MODERO below with their so unique creations as major in the fashion industry.

The holidays continue for ever in the world of the dream and now we can dream in the gypset mood with the new GYPSET Market on the District !
Its just the START !!

Welcome in our world


Agtaope Carter Lane

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