2012 Fashion for life

2012 Fashion for life

“American Cancer Society” & Dream Seeker Estates Events


‘Fashion for Life’ is the longest running and most successful fashion fair in Second Life ™ and marks the annual start of the official ‘Relay for Life’ events that take place in-world each year.

This year, Fashion for Life spans an incredible TEN lag free sims with over 200 stores selling the latest fashions, accessories, hair and unique designer items made especially for this event.

Our sims have been kindly sponsored by ‘Dream Seeker Estate Corporation’ which has drastically reduced admin expenses, helping to free up even more money for Relay for Life.

Dream Seeker Estates Tiempo sim is dedicated to providing hours of non-stop entertainment “Live Performances” , Fashion Shows , “DJ events”, Theme parties , Bands and activities every day, so everyone can socialize, and have FUN meeting new people.

All donations go directly to the ‘Relay for Life’ general fund, which benefits the ‘American Cancer Society’ and its thousands of beneficiaries who rely on the charity for support and advice.

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