~ Passion & Allure Summer Fashion Week 2012 ~

~ Passion & Allure Summer Fashion Week 2012 ~

After an amazing success of the Winter Fashion Week…

….are you ready for an outstanding and breathtaking event in 2012? Imagine summer and long days, the sun high in the air and blue sky, beautiful women and bold men showcasing your awesome fashion. These are the trademarks of our show-set.

Passion Fashion Agency and Allure Inc. are proud to present the “Summer Fashion Week 2012” from 6th to 10th of June. Both agencies can present well organized and successful fashion shows and events for great brands in SL. More informations you will find on our websites: passionagency.wordpress.com/ and slallureinc.wordpress.com/.

As one of the best Second Life fashion designers, we would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you, to join in this fabulous experience. We would be glad and proud if you join and we can create a remember able event together.

Flyer by Krise Shepherd

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