Grand Opening of the Redesigned Alb Dream Fashion Store

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Grand Opening of the Redesigned

•·.·´¯`·.·• ALB Dream Fashion •·.·´¯`·.·•

The store is remodeled, the sim is rebuilt. After weeks and weeks of hard work — fun work — Lina and me are done! Now is the time to CELEBRATE!!!!

We will have events throughout the morning, day and night of Thursday, March 1.

Fireworks and Live Music! Dancing and StoryTelling! Camel Tours of the Island or Mule Tours of Lamu Town! Fun and Friends!

AnaLee Balut


PATRON Salvaged Beauty


New releases at Patron.
Pictured Left to Right:

-Same perfect chairs, new Patron exclusive textures created by Eliza Wierwight. Inspiration for texture creation from beautiful blue & white oriental china. Two different patterns pictured. Harmonious blend.

-Salvaged Beauty Frame Art / Room Divider. Exquisite branches, with hanging charms of hearts, keys & sea shells. Tiny candles balanced on branches. Candles can be lit or extinguished. Frame is only two prim & is not linked & therefore optional. The focal piece alone looks beautiful simply hanging on a wall. Comes with shadow prim as seen in image to further enhance ambiance. Total organic hedonism this piece.

-Ornate Salvaged Birdcage & books. Single animated butterfly perched on top book. Option to turn on extra butterflies and have a subtle scattering in general environment.

-Prior release Blue & White China Raffles bowl of flowers on stand.

-Chunky style driftwood candles in varying sizes. These also come adorned with salvaged sea shells & other ethereal charms. Again these candles have the option to light or extinguish.

There is more to this the Salvaged Beauty Range than actually pictured here. As always, due to the designs being directly “Eliza Wierwight” they can be easily integrated into environments containing other Patron content. The continuity factor in being the actual Designer is that my pieces from different ranges are generally complimentary/interchangeable with one another. Peculiar but it works 🙂

Inworld Image raw with no enhancements.

NEW RELEASE: Azoury “Beth”

AZOURY – Beth ( out March 1 )

Spring is well, Beth is a city outfit composed of a top in lace and cotton pant. Pants have a setback with big round as a ground and the fabulous sandals in leather and straw.for accesory :Bag BETH .

top in :cream & red, black, yellow & red, saumon & orange

pants : red & green, green & pink,blue & pink, dark blue & brown, blue & red

sandals : colbalt,kaki ,red,black,brown

~ Passion & Allure Summer Fashion Week 2012 ~

~ Passion & Allure Summer Fashion Week 2012 ~

After an amazing success of the Winter Fashion Week…

….are you ready for an outstanding and breathtaking event in 2012? Imagine summer and long days, the sun high in the air and blue sky, beautiful women and bold men showcasing your awesome fashion. These are the trademarks of our show-set.

Passion Fashion Agency and Allure Inc. are proud to present the “Summer Fashion Week 2012” from 6th to 10th of June. Both agencies can present well organized and successful fashion shows and events for great brands in SL. More informations you will find on our websites: and

As one of the best Second Life fashion designers, we would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you, to join in this fabulous experience. We would be glad and proud if you join and we can create a remember able event together.

Flyer by Krise Shepherd