Modavia Fashion Marketing proudly sponsors the upcoming Chic Management event – Back to Black.

C o n c e p t ~
CHIC Management began June 4th 2010 with our first event “The Black and Blue Fair”. Items were created and sold in a small venue with mental health facts printed on the walls, and information about mental health issues in note dispensers and put inside some of the product boxes (where designers agreed).
CHIC all began with my passion to spread the word about mental health and its affect on absolutely everything we do. Including the people we know, how we interact with them, how they react to us… everything. We covered issues that were wide ranging like bullying, to more specific like anorexia nervosa.
This February I’d like to go back to CHIC’s roots and using the reputation CHIC has accumulated over the years remind people about the serious issues that I feel so strongly about.

For this event we will be splitting everyone up into themes. Items will be displayed within their theme collection. To counteract mental health stigma, the words won’t be about suffering, but about hope.
Please note that this is an AWARENESS event, not a charity event (although we will have the information about the charities at the event).

Keira Seerose
CHIC Management CEO

Kristy Seerose * Prue Genira * Anyalia Pearl
CHIC Management Team

Chic Management website – more info about the event

Face of OGlam 2012 : “Aphrodite Brianna”

Face of OGlam 2012 : “Aphrodite Brianna”

Outrageous Glamour presents the 2012 “iNSIDE” Contest

Face of OGlam 2012 : “Aphrodite Brianna”
Face of OGlam 2013 : “is this you ? “

Each month of 2012, one lucky male OR female will be chosen as an OGlam iNSIDER. In December of 2012, the 12 contestants will compete for the title of “Face of OGlam 2013” to reign over the year 2013.

Are you Glamorous enough to claim the title and the outrageous monthly prizes? Think you can take it all the way to December and be the face of the year, claiming the ultimate grand prizes?

Rules :

Credits: Photographer Badon Rain