Jack or Jill Hunt 2012

Jack or Jill Hunt

Jack or Jill hunt sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, MADesigns and AMERICAN BAZAAR. Hunters will be divided and led down 2 different hunt paths, one female, one male. 50 Amazing stores along each path giving gifts designed specifically for the gender appropriate paths.


~ Passion Trainees Class 3 Graduation Show ~

Passion Class Graduation Show

“A Fashionable Winter Holiday”

Sunday, February 5th at 10:00AM SLT


Passion’s Trainees –

Damatjo Magic

Ekaterina Tolczyner

Honoria Paine

Sienna Bellios

Tracy Lyric

Vivienne Coppola

HeeChan Jewell

DJ – CottonCandy Teardrop

Voice and Chat Host – Federica Galtier