EP Incorporated Holdings

Often a New Year brings about diverse changes. Many of them, like New Year’s resolutions, though painful at first bring about so many new positives to our lives, that we often forget any trials we had to overcome early on. After much planning and consideration, Passion and Elegancia agencies have decided to merge to become a single business entity. These past few months as we grew and worked closer together, we found that if we merged we would not be duplicating efforts, and the emerging agency would be a more streamlined and efficient, and as such could offer better, more unique services to our clients as well as to our models, dancers, bloggers and other members.

So, in 2012 we would like to introduce to you, EP Incorporated Holdings. Wanting to be more forward thinking, Elegancia and Passion agencies will no longer be an agency whose main focus is runway and print modeling. We are now a business with branches reaching to many different areas of our second virtual world. As the parent company, EP Inc will oversee the daily workings of Elegancia-Passion Model Agency, EP Performing Arts and Dance, EP Academy for new model training, EP Bloggers for our Fashion of the Day Internet Feed, and we would like to introduce, Trend, the newest member of our family, our digital magazine!

We know this is a big leap to the future and as such we are thankful, as always, for the dedication of our staff, models, bloggers and dancers, friends, but also to the continued faith of our many loyal designers.  So, with the birth of EP Inc. this New Year, we gladly give a toast of thanks to all of you and look forward to working with you to bring our company to the fore-front as one of the leaders in Virtual entertainment and Fashion.

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