Donna Flora Contest

Donna Flora contest

SoloEvane Model Agency ;Bestyle district Model Agency; Bestyle Magazine; Elegancia Passion models and Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy are proud to introduce you a photo contest in which you demonstrate your skills as stylists using items of the well-known brand “Donna Flora”
Show us your best look wearing one of the dress/ gowns and jewelry included in the following list. For hairs, accessoires and shoes you can use what you prefer from Donna Flora or other brands.

You have time ’till March 10th to submit your pictures.
The best look will be choosen on middle March and the prices are the following:

– A complete course in Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy for those who want to start the the profession

– Promotion to official SoloEvane Model if the winner is one of the MBMA academy graduated

– The winner will be invited to be one of the models of Bestyle District Model Agency

– Winner will have an interview on Bestyle Magazine

– Winner will receive a surprise fashion gift of the value of 10k

– Winner will have an Interview in Trend Magazine

– 5K prize from Elegancia- Passion agency

– The winner will be invited to be one of the Elegancia-Passions Model

here the list of the items to use for the photo contest ( you can use the color you prefer):

Woman: Bon Bon dress
Faith gown
Silvana vintage dress
Donatella mesh dress
Rikka Gown
Helena outfit

Jewelry: Amarcord necklace
Porzia set
Kristabel set
Silvia set
Opera set ( cameo or skull , just choose what you prefer)
Willa set
Aliena set
Seahorse set

The Contest is open to everyone wants to join and you are free to choose theme and location. Only good taste imagine please.
Submit your photo ( max 3 each) writing ” ( your name) Donna Flora styling” and post it on the group on flickr “Donna Flora Style Contest”

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