MENSWEAR Fashion Week 2012 Casting


Hello Models!

    You are invited to take part in our annual castings for a chance to participate in MWFW 2012 shows this coming March 23rd-31st. If you are already in the Siren Productions group, there is no need to do this casting.

▣ What we’re looking for:

                MALE and FEMALE models with impeccable mens/unisex styling.

▣ Casting Information:

    When: Thursday 26th, January 2012 – 4pm SLT

              1. All notecard submissions must be made prior
                 to the time of the casting.
              2. We ask that you arrive to the casting location at least 15-25 minutes before we begin at 4pm SLT.


    What you need:

              1. A fully styled Swimwear look ready to be worn at the time of castings. Be mindful that you will be assessed on prim adjustment and coordination technique.  
              2.  DVC hud for cueing
              3.  Your casting application must be sent in.

                 ∙Send your application to Garrett Ceriano by Thursday 26th, January 2012 – 12pm SLT

                ∙Make sure to rename the notecard with your name in the name field and save it. All applications without names will be discarded.

                 ∙Snapshots must not be edited and must be 1024×1024. We want to see your skin and shape so please dress minimally.  Head and full body shots must be unedited. Formal shot may be slightly edited. Full perms please.

                  ∙Fill out the fields under the line and send it in a notecard inworld! Looking forward to receiving your apps.

        Full SL Name:

        Rez Date:

        How long have you been modeling?

        Number of agencies you’re in:

        Affiliated with any agency as management?

       Full Body shot:


        Send to Garrett Ceriano. Thank you! ♥

               Lexie Jansma                
 Garrett Ceriano
 Siren Productions Team

1 Comment

  1. Hi,
    my name is Privin Vinish , iam completed my graduation. now i like to
    do modeling & acting.but i dont know how to reach there. if any opportunity
    pls inform me. by replying to this ad as soon as possible.
    You can contact me at 09495040506.

    Name ; Privin Vinish
    Date of Birth : 09 – 4 – 1988
    City : THRISSUR
    State : KERALA
    Country : India
    Weight : 64 KGS
    Height : 5.9 FEET
    Eye Color : BLACK
    Hair Color : BLACK
    Skin Color : FAIR
    Language (s) Known : ENGLISH , HINDI , TAMIL , MALAYALAM


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