Modavia Fashion Directory Jan 2012

Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of the Directory for 2012. Our cover model for this edition is Mavi Beck, dressed and photographed by Joy Laperriere. Also featured on the cover is the very first outfit from the soon to be released new .Shi male collection, together with Glam Affair upcoming skin, Lola.

Pride of place in this edition goes to the new mesh collection from Maitreya. It has all the awesome detailing and classy styling that we have come to expect from Onyx. Quality work. Take a look at our editorial for a first glimpse of the new Devi boots from this collection.

Also rocking this edition with as-yet-unreleased designs is Amutey DeCuir. Check out the COLLECTIONS section for her Chinese New Year inspired designs shot by Petra Messioptra.

Enjoy the reading!

Miss Virtual Portugal 2013


We are proud to announce that the inscriptions for Miss Virtual Portugal 2013 are now opened!
This contest will give a girl the unique chance of been part directly to the final of the Miss Virtual World 2013  as Miss Virtual Portugal 2013.
We are supported by the BOSL team.

We are looking for the most beautiful and complete candidate to Represent Portugal in MVW 2013. If you think you are that person, Join us!

As a no negociable Rule the candidates must be able to use voice to answer the questions of the judges in the personal interview that will take place as part of the contest.


1. All female avatars can  participate of this contest. Is NOT REQUIRED to be only from Portugal to participate.

2. You must be at least 6 months age at SL and be age ferified. Only adults can participate.

3. All inscriptions must be done via Notecard AND Flickr. The notecard must be sent to MissVPortugal Resident (renamed as “MissVPortugal 2013 – YOUR NAME) AND the pictures need to be added at Flickr group of the contest (

4. Don’t send any pictures alone, make a notecard with the specifications below (copy and paste), with your pictures AND add the SAME pictures to Flickr. The size of the picture needs to be 1024X1024 or 512X512, with a good quality.

5. Will be required 2 pictures: 1 (one) Face shot and 1 (one) Full Body. Both Full Perm.

6. Pictures must be renamed at notecard AND Flickr as “MISSVPORTUGAL2013 [YOUR NAME]”.

7. No money will be asked for inscription, you ONLY need to fallow the rules. Any of rules that not be fallen will declassify the pageant (including the name of the picture).

8. Only 2 (two) pictures per avatar will be accepted. Don’t send more then 2 (two). The 1st entry will count.

9. In case that you are not selected for the 1st Audition, you can make new entry for the 2nd Audition.


1. The pictures sent by notecard AND Flickr will be selected by the organization and the better ones will be invited to a special SL group.

2. The grils choosen by organization will be notified on the group about the theme of the Audition (days and times below).

3. Be sure you can be present in all the commitments listed below. Failure shall not be permitted to any commitment.

4. For the Auditions, the jurors will be selected from the sponsors and commissions responsible for the event.

5. For the Final, the jurors will be: Mr. Frolic Mills (CEO of The Best of SL Magazine and Agency), Ms. Anna Saphire (Miss Virtual World 2012),   Ms. Ponchituti Boucher (Miss Azul 2011) and Shena Neox (2nd Runner Up of Miss Virtual World 2012 as Miss Virtual Spain 2012).

6. Be sure you can be at least 1h before the time of the Auditions and Final, so all clothes can be rezzed in the moment of the catwalk.


Winner: 10,000L$ cash + gifts of the sponsors
1st Runner up: 3,000L$ cash
2nd Runner up: 2,000L$ cash


Entries for the 1st Audition: Jan. 18th to Feb. 18th
1st Audition: Feb. 25th – 11AM SLT
Entries for the 2nd Audition: Feb 19th to March 17th
2nd Audition: March 24th – 11AM SLT
Reharshals for Final: April 7th and 8th – 11AM SLT
Final: April 14th – 11AM SLT

DATA REQUIRED: (This is what you need to copy and paste)

Your SL Name:
SL Age:
a) Headshot:
b) Full body:

Thank you and good luck!

Luiza Riddler
Luna (hadaluna daines)
Pedrinho Naire

ASMT Casting Spring Haute Couture 2012


Asymetrique Management is thrilled to announce the ASMT Open Casting to add new models to the group. Auditions are open to male and female models. ASMT Models can participate in all ASMT publications and events according to the needs of each job.

Visit our website for full casting information and to complete the application form:

Deadline application: February 23rd, 2012

Runway castings:
March 3rd 4am slt
March 6th 2pm slt


CSLTM is now on FACEBOOK. “LIKE” our page to get the latest updates. Feel free to post anything fashion related which I can post here on the blog. Ty.

The Fashion Teller: Fashion Calendar 2012


The Fashion Teller is bringing you


Each month is filled with beautiful models representing each month in high style and intrigue.

Grab a copy from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic


Angel Dessous, Bliss Couture, Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Fellini Couture, House of Europe, People, Tres Beau and VITAMEN. Featured Poses by Body Talking with Makeup by Lovely Mi. Guest Props Designer: PATRON.

Rissa Friller, Carilynn OHare, Anna Sapphire, Wicca Merlin, BlackBarbie Bravin, Leandra Breen, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Jade Spectre, Arisia Ashmoot, Matteo Bettencourt, RicoRacer Flux, Editorial Clarity, Angelik Lavecchia, Didier Rascon, Daniele Eberhardt, Clyde Saunders, and Frolic Mills.

Our gratitude and appreciation to the models, designers and staff involved in making this happen.

Edi and Rico
Arisia is wearing Angel Dessous.
Edi and Rico are both wearing Vitamen.