E.M. Company Models

E.M Company Models – Notification

The E.M Company Models is an organization of the company Eliane Mint created for events in partnership with stores of the fashion market in Second Life.
We are proud to present information about Project Runway Second Life – “The new concept of virtual fashion.”

The first event held with the participation of the stores Shiki, Amarelo Manga, Vero Modero, and Tchelo’s to be held on 14 and 15 January 2011.

Official site: moda.toxxnews.com/p/emcompanymodels.html


► Exposure –

January 14th 2012 – 02:00 pm SLT. (Saturday)

► Show Official –
January 15th 2012 – 03:00 pm SLT. (Sunday)

Through a group that we will share with our guests unique items made ​​by our partners to better present their collections in 2012.

Group: E.M Company VIP

The membership fee of $ 300 L group is for the exclusive delivery of 4 Outfits (clothes and accessories) to members of that group.
Offering them exclusive access to our exposure of the shops of our partners in our office.
Members can access our office to get the gifts available in stores.

With Love,
© E.M Company Models 2011

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