Merry Christmas from Lauren Mureaux


From Lauren Mureaux


If you want your Holiday Cards to be put up on the blog, Please send the FULL PERMISSION texture to RicoRacer Flux inworld or email it to Thank you so much for all the holiday cards. Please resend it if you don’t see it here as many are not full perm.

Have an Outrageously Glamorous Holiday!

Christmas is here and we want to wish everyone that supports OGlam an excellent and happy holidays.

OGlam has grown so much since last Christmas, and it is not just because of us, but because of you all that have supported our academy, mall and agency .

Nothing is possible without love, charity, and compassion. We have shared so much during the year and this amazing feeling makes us different and unique, but also human. We know that OGlam exists because you all want it to succeed, your overwhelming support makes us so happy to share in a world where anything is possible.

The season is about counting our blessings and we are so very thankful for the joy you’ve shared with us! We wish you the most Happy Holidays and New Year!

Outrageous Glamour Agency Team:
Vixie, Matteo, Rico, Edi, Linda & Lulu



  ~♔  Miss- X A N A D U – Fashion 2012   ♔~

Xanadu Fashion is proud to announce you teh first annual ♔Miss Xanadu Fashion 2012♔ contest.

SPONSORS: Finesmith Designs + GizzA Creations + MBPS + The Best of SL Magazine + Fan Shopping Cart + Blush Skins

The Final Of Miss Xanadu  will take place at Patch Tibaud Auditorium on The  February 25 . 2012 ,- 1 PM Sltime

1. How to take part :

-You need to buy an outfit  in our store. (Mix & Match is allowed).

– Jewellery By our Sponsor FINESMITH *Mandatory*

(Only shoes and other accessories from another brand will be allowed).

– Take two photos of yourself : Headshot and Full Body shot
– Rename the pictures : Miss Xanadu Fashion 2012 – “Your name” – Head / Full
The Pictures MUST be Full perms i a Folder Named Miss Xanadu Fashion 2012 – “Your name” .
-Send the Folder to Xanadu Damiano before the February 1 , 2012  (End of contest date).

-You MUST join Xanadu Fashion Group inworld to recieve informations and details about the contest. (obligatory).
✭  Group: secondlife:///app/group/fccd15f9-1fcd-ae9d-fa6e-5ddafd64ab84/about

Please add your pictures in our group poll on Flickr so as to help our judges decide.

Everyone can take part in this contest. Only 2 conditions are required :

– Your Avatar must be at least 6months old.
– You must have minimum knowledge of modelling.

2. Why take part ?

– Our Winner will recieve 20 000 L$ Cash as well as a 5000L$ gift card from our store

– A jewelry set From ” Finesmith Jewellery “
– She will feature in our next Ad in BOSL Magazine!
– She will become official model for Xanadu Fashion duing 1 entire year. (Vendor ads Fashion shows…)
– She will recieve Some Gift  from our sponsors ( Value  10 000L$ )
– She will take part in our Finale Fashion show on February 25 . 2012 – 1 PM Sltime at Patch Tibaud Auditorium

Total CAsh and gift 50 000 Linden !

3. How will you be chosen?

We will choose 12 Finalists from all your submissions. To help me with this choice, I will call upon Fashion professionnals :

– Xanadu Damiano
– Frolic Mills
– Yula Finesmith
– Mariella Spitteler Miss Haiti 2012
– Giancarlo Takacs

Each member of the jury will pick 3 candidates based on the pics submitted on our Flickr Group.
If you are one of the 12 Finalists, you will take part in the ♔Miss Xanadu ♔ contest.

4. If you are Finalist, here are the instructions: ( moore info if you are choosen )

1- For the Final show, you will create a Mix & Match outfit using Xanadu Fashion collections.
Style for your first presentation in front of the judges : Casual
 -Write a Style card including all the elements of your outfit.
Example : Fur top by Xanadu
-skirt Sils love in black by Xanadu …etc

2- You will present yourself in front of the judges a second time in formal attire for the finale.
(It will have to be a different outfit from the one you were wearing on the pictures you submitted for your entry, Thank you!)

After the two runs, Miss Xanadu will be crowned by our judges and myself!

She will receive a complete jewelry set including a crown signed by  “Finesmith  jewelry design”
As well as all the gifts from our Sponsors and 20 000 L$ Cash.

We wish you all the best of Luck !

The Fashion Teller: Murder, My Sweet CASTING CONTEST Entry- Trinity Graves

The Fashion Teller
MURDER, My Sweet Casting Contest

MODEL ENTRY: Trinity Graves
(Male model on pic is Garrett Ceriano)
PHOTOGRAPHER ENTRY: Daron (Dab Photography)

DEADLINE December 16 @ 12 Noon.

See the contest and entries here:

FT – MURDER, My Sweet CASTING ENTRY: Dreamlove Resident

MURDER, My Sweet Casting Entry

MODEL ENTRY: Dreamlove Resident

PHOTOGRAPHER: Magissa Denver

FASHION: Vero Modero





Journey to another world as AvaGardner Kungler and Barbra Kungler of Kunglers showcase their Fall/Winter 2011 designs. This collection embraces the inspiration of nature in it’s wild abandon with feathers, jewel tones, and exotic prints. Explore the otherworldy side of Kunglers.

Join us on 18th December at 1 PM as OGlam takes you on a journey to an alien world filled with Kunglers eclectic designs.

OG Models for “Alien Nature” Kunglers Show:
Anigma Eulenberg
Joselyni Ferber
Linda Reddevil
Seashell Dench
Vixie Rayna

OG Voice Host/ Music :
Editorial Clarity

OG Script Writer :
Anigma Eulenberg

OG Show Concept:
Vixie Rayna, Lulu Breuer and Matteo Bettencourt

OG Graphic & Photographer Team:
Lulu Jameson, Vixie Rayna and Secrets Baily

OG Runway Manager:
Matteo Bettencourt

PR Contact:
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc. –
Lulu Breuer, Chief Operating Officer, OGlam Inc. –
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc


INMUTATIO – Miamai Black Label


InMutatio – MIAMAI Black Label – 16th December, 1 PM SLT
MIAMAI Black Label
16 December 2011, 1 PM SLT
Be willing to surrender what you are for who you could become. ~ Anonymous
Explore the psyche of monica Outlander of MIAMAI, one of Second Life’s most innovative designers. Her acclaimed Black Label Collection reaches its next phase with I N M U T A T I O, an installation proudly sponsored by Modavia Productions for your dark delight.
This is the world where the human form is not fixed; it twists, teases and transforms. All who enter are subject to the whims of metamorphosis and mutability. When you are finally allowed to leave… will you also remain unchanged?

Further information and landmark coming soon



10 December 2011

Agencies, Mall Owners, Designers, Staff and Bloggers

I am writing this notice to address the false rumors from Giz Seorn of Gizza regarding me copying her designs.

Due to the accusations, agencies and mall owners have decided to stop working with me or ban me from their shops/malls.

Giz Seorn and I have been using full perm templates and sculpts that are purchased from original designers on SL Marketplace.  I have worked with Giz previously as we were friends and designed together.

Now I have been told from shop owners and other designers that my name and business is being defamed by Giz Seorn,  as she states that she purchased the sculpts and templates she has the sole right to use it. This is false.

Sculp part:
Order number: 6695546
*Diesel Magic* clothing accessories set 8 sculpt maps
Quantity: 1    Price: L$400


Order number: 5644408
DISI-LUNY- full perm textures
Quantity: 1    Price: L$850

Order number: 13148335
Item: !   [Adored TEMPLATES] DRESS #6
Quantity: 1
Price: L$2,499

Order number: 11261513
Item: Sport Pants Template by Luna McMillan
Quantity: 1
Price: L$1,299

My reason for writing this note is to bring all out to the forefront and no one has bothered to ask me if the accusations are true and no one giving me an opportunity to defend myself.

I’m not telling anyone to work with me again or I’m not telling anyone not to work with them. I am not judging anyone,but I have been ejected from malls, agenciess and shops due to the false rumors from Giz Seorn.

Defaming anyone’s character and threatening agencies, models, photographers and bloggers not to work with my competitors is not my company’s marketing strategy. I believe that every one is free to work with designers that you want. My company have the resources to implement our marketing ideas and promote our brand to the highest ethical standard.

My goal is to make nice clothing in Second Life so I can share my fashion ideas and graphic designs, I do not have time in creating drama and gossips.  In RL, I am running my own multimedia company and SL is not my source of income. I am here to have fun!

I have contacted my RL attorney to address these issue of defamation and am in the processs of taking the necessary actions needed.

All the Best,
Bouquet Babii
Vero Modero

Dear Models/Designers and everyone else in SL.

Dear Models/Designers and everyone else in SL.

The other day I had a ”grevious” (to quote) conversation with the CEO of a fashion brand here in SL about forbidding their models to wear or even BE SEEN wearing a certain other brand. I also know for a fact, and I know others do too as you may be someone who has experienced it, that this certain brand has been telling agencies NOT to do shows for this other certain designer.

Me and my Partner run a non-profit business called THE FASHION TELLER. We create fashion books at no charge for designers, and we have a lot of fun doing this, as do our models. This ‘other’ brand is one of the sponsors of our upcoming book, much to the disliking of the BIG BRAND. Is it right that this Brand is contacting our models who already casted for this book, they cannot wear this other brand? Is it right that this brand tries to stop agencies putting on shows for this other brand? Is it right this brand, without a contract, tells ”ITS” models they cannot wear or be seen in this other brand on flickr etc?

Who gives anyone the right to do that? And then, When confronting them about this personal fued they have with each other of which they inflict on individuals…it is clearly denied. When we know it happens.

I’ve said all I needed to say. I have not done anything wrong. All I have done is confronted somoene who thinks they have the power to dictacte what indivduals CANNOT wear or be seen in. And feels the need to tell agencies they SHOULD NOT do shows for this other brand.

It is against ToS, and is a form of harrassment. Keep you personal fued with another designer between yourselves, rather than bringing it up on individuals and other businesses in here who take a neutral stance. Its not fair.

Thats All I have to say.

Editorial Clarity-Flux


The Fashion Teller values itself as an INDEPENDENT elite group that loves to do artistic projects outside any influence but our team. We take NEUTRAL stance on any drama or feud between models or/and designers, as we consider it none of our business. Any drama or fights should strictly be confined in between the feuding parties and not get anyone else involve. We believe it is very unprofessional and unethical for any agency, business or designer to forbid or restrict the actions of their models outside the workplace such as prohibiting models to wear a certain designer’s outfits on their own time/blog/flickr/work. It should ALWAYS be the model’s right to choose what they want to do, wear or blog on their own time. COERCION OR HARASSMENT MUST NOT BE TOLERATED AND SHOULD BE REPORTED AS ABUSE TO LINDEN LABS.

It is very sad and unfortunate that many models feel like they don’t have a voice, especially the new ones. They are afraid to speak up for what is right as they  fear of being labeled difficult or worse, be ejected from the group or blacklisted. Let me tell you something. YOU HAVE THE POWER but if you don’t stand up, you will always be treated like a servant or slave. No one has any power over you unless you allow them to. Any VIPS, Agencies or Big Name Designers got where they are because of YOU, the public. And you have the power to take them down their high horse. You have the power and right to decide which business to support in SL. Why spent your money on someone that restricts your freedom and rights? Support businesses that actually values you and respects what you do.


Now that this is out in the open, they are releasing a statement that this is all a lie. LOL. You just called all those models, agency owners, magazine owners, and bloggers you coerced…LIARS.
We all know the truth. GOD knows the truth. Shame on YOU.

IMA Inc Presents Aleida Winter Rocks

International Model Agency Inc


Aleida – Winter Rocks!

Showcasing Aleida brand new winter collection 2011

When: Saturday, 17 December 2011 3pmslt

The incredible IMA Inc models will be strutting down the edgy runway specially built by Houms Thor just for this event. This minimalist line made by the talented Aleida Rhode will evidence extreme class and style. Expect to see wearable pieces, rich textures in creative fine form. Also expect hair styled by the wonderful Fauve Beaumont of Osmose © .

IMA Inc Models:

Blair Leifstrom
Brendan Macarthur
Cieleste Magic
Diconay Boa
Liam Netizen
Veronica Krasner
Vikeejeah Xevion

Videographer: ColeMarie Soleil

DJ: Eduardo Hyx

Producer: Ananya Mai

Show assistant: Serena Novo

Stage Designer: Houms Thor

Host: Tae Aichi

~MVW 2012 is almost here~

~MVW 2012 is almost here~

It is the time of the year again, where a new Miss Virtual World will be crowned! 30 amazing ladies from all over the world are competing for one crown, the most prestigious title in SL.

Who will it be?

These amazing ladies have worked hard through challenges and interviews and on December 17, at 10am SLT, they will showcase their national and evening outfit together with questions for top 12 and top 5 ladies!

It is not over yet! It is anyone’s game, and may the best lady win!

Good luck ladies!!!

Watch it Watch live at