Merry Christmas from Lauren Mureaux


From Lauren Mureaux


If you want your Holiday Cards to be put up on the blog, Please send the FULL PERMISSION texture to RicoRacer Flux inworld or email it to Thank you so much for all the holiday cards. Please resend it if you don’t see it here as many are not full perm.

Have an Outrageously Glamorous Holiday!

Christmas is here and we want to wish everyone that supports OGlam an excellent and happy holidays.

OGlam has grown so much since last Christmas, and it is not just because of us, but because of you all that have supported our academy, mall and agency .

Nothing is possible without love, charity, and compassion. We have shared so much during the year and this amazing feeling makes us different and unique, but also human. We know that OGlam exists because you all want it to succeed, your overwhelming support makes us so happy to share in a world where anything is possible.

The season is about counting our blessings and we are so very thankful for the joy you’ve shared with us! We wish you the most Happy Holidays and New Year!

Outrageous Glamour Agency Team:
Vixie, Matteo, Rico, Edi, Linda & Lulu