10 December 2011

Agencies, Mall Owners, Designers, Staff and Bloggers

I am writing this notice to address the false rumors from Giz Seorn of Gizza regarding me copying her designs.

Due to the accusations, agencies and mall owners have decided to stop working with me or ban me from their shops/malls.

Giz Seorn and I have been using full perm templates and sculpts that are purchased from original designers on SL Marketplace.  I have worked with Giz previously as we were friends and designed together.

Now I have been told from shop owners and other designers that my name and business is being defamed by Giz Seorn,  as she states that she purchased the sculpts and templates she has the sole right to use it. This is false.

Sculp part:
Order number: 6695546
*Diesel Magic* clothing accessories set 8 sculpt maps
Quantity: 1    Price: L$400


Order number: 5644408
DISI-LUNY- full perm textures
Quantity: 1    Price: L$850

Order number: 13148335
Item: !   [Adored TEMPLATES] DRESS #6
Quantity: 1
Price: L$2,499

Order number: 11261513
Item: Sport Pants Template by Luna McMillan
Quantity: 1
Price: L$1,299

My reason for writing this note is to bring all out to the forefront and no one has bothered to ask me if the accusations are true and no one giving me an opportunity to defend myself.

I’m not telling anyone to work with me again or I’m not telling anyone not to work with them. I am not judging anyone,but I have been ejected from malls, agenciess and shops due to the false rumors from Giz Seorn.

Defaming anyone’s character and threatening agencies, models, photographers and bloggers not to work with my competitors is not my company’s marketing strategy. I believe that every one is free to work with designers that you want. My company have the resources to implement our marketing ideas and promote our brand to the highest ethical standard.

My goal is to make nice clothing in Second Life so I can share my fashion ideas and graphic designs, I do not have time in creating drama and gossips.  In RL, I am running my own multimedia company and SL is not my source of income. I am here to have fun!

I have contacted my RL attorney to address these issue of defamation and am in the processs of taking the necessary actions needed.

All the Best,
Bouquet Babii
Vero Modero


  1. I remember these tops and also the catsuit… I also remember thet Vero Modero did them after that Giz had make and sell them!!! Please don’t say bad things like that before knowing!
    Were you here at spring when all that happened?
    Giz did a so bad comment everywhere about her? no!! She’s more intelligent!

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