Dear Models/Designers and everyone else in SL.

Dear Models/Designers and everyone else in SL.

The other day I had a ”grevious” (to quote) conversation with the CEO of a fashion brand here in SL about forbidding their models to wear or even BE SEEN wearing a certain other brand. I also know for a fact, and I know others do too as you may be someone who has experienced it, that this certain brand has been telling agencies NOT to do shows for this other certain designer.

Me and my Partner run a non-profit business called THE FASHION TELLER. We create fashion books at no charge for designers, and we have a lot of fun doing this, as do our models. This ‘other’ brand is one of the sponsors of our upcoming book, much to the disliking of the BIG BRAND. Is it right that this Brand is contacting our models who already casted for this book, they cannot wear this other brand? Is it right that this brand tries to stop agencies putting on shows for this other brand? Is it right this brand, without a contract, tells ”ITS” models they cannot wear or be seen in this other brand on flickr etc?

Who gives anyone the right to do that? And then, When confronting them about this personal fued they have with each other of which they inflict on individuals…it is clearly denied. When we know it happens.

I’ve said all I needed to say. I have not done anything wrong. All I have done is confronted somoene who thinks they have the power to dictacte what indivduals CANNOT wear or be seen in. And feels the need to tell agencies they SHOULD NOT do shows for this other brand.

It is against ToS, and is a form of harrassment. Keep you personal fued with another designer between yourselves, rather than bringing it up on individuals and other businesses in here who take a neutral stance. Its not fair.

Thats All I have to say.

Editorial Clarity-Flux

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