FT – MURDER, My Sweet Casting CONTEST: Amazon Silverweb




~MODEL ENTRY: Amazon Silverweb
View her Stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amazonsilverweb/

FASHION: Bliss Couture Gown

DON’T MISS OUT The Fashion Teller “MURDER, My Sweet” casting contest. There will be no more outside casting for The Fashion Teller until summer 2012, and we have so many amazing projects coming soon. Be a part of this amazing opportunity to be in a one of a kind, high fashion, high quality detective story book about Murder, Mayhem and Mystery. We have amazing talented designers on board: Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, REDGRAVE, SoliDea FoliEs, and Vero Modero. Please click on link above to enter. Do you have what it takes? Winner will get a role in the book and will be invited to be a model for The Fashion Teller Elite Group ,eligible for future projects.

DEADLINE is December 16 at noon SLT.

Thank you to Amazon Silverweb for this amazing entry.

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