FT – MURDER, My Sweet Casting CONTEST: Ace Somersley




Amazing entry from Ace Somersley for The Fashion Teller “MURDER, My Sweet” Casting Contest. Picture by Ace Somersley with final edit by Spartin Parx. He is wearing a REDGRAVE skin, one of our sponsors for the project.

The Fashion Teller “MURDER, My Sweet” casting contest is going well. We have received a lot of fantastic entries and they are blowing our minds. Don’t miss out to enter this amazing opportunity to be in a one of a kind, high fashion, high quality detective story book about Murder, Mayhem and Mystery. We have amazing talented designers on board: Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, REDGRAVE, SoliDea FoliEs, and Vero Modero. Please click on link above to enter. Do you have what it takes? Winner will get a role in the book and will be invited to be a model for The Fashion Teller Elite Group ,eligible for future projects.


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