New Release: TOURMENT from Champagne! Sparkling Fashion


MODEL : Federica Galtier

TOURMENT is CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion’s latest release for the Ladies, and this exquisite gown and top coat really has it all!

TOURMENT will haunt your waking days and your sleeping nightmares with its unique and trend-setting design. But never fear, for when you wear this sophisticated and edgy outfit, your nightmares will turn into a wonderful fashion dream!

The sleeveless, form-fitting white gown in layers of chiffon is nothing short of pure elegance. Flaring out below the knee to the floor, the gown turns from white to black, adding a dramatic element to the look. Black jewels in a diamond pattern sit at the waist.

The long and straight black silk top coat is extraordinary, fitting over the hips, with a large, bold lapel and collar, both outlined with magnificent silver diamonds. The coat also has pocket details on each side. A separate scarf adorns the neckline, knotted at the center, and tapering out with single black crows on each end.

Long black silk gloves are also included with prim cuffs at the upper ends.

TOURMENT gives you lots of choices, ladies. You can wear the gown alone or with another jacket or fur. The top coat of this outfit can be mixed and matched with so many things in your inventory, from skirts to slacks to other gowns. You can really get creative with this outfit!

The stunning Federica Galtier appears on our vendor ads for TOURMENT.

Detail, versatility, and pure glam all in one remarkable gown and coat. And all for you at CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.

PHOTOGRAPHER : Kyrian Lefavre

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