The Fashion Teller: MURDER, My Sweet (Teaser)


MURDER, My Sweet…

Our next book (after the calendar) will be a Detective Crime Story in film noir…
– black and white style with only reds showing as a color.
Think of the movie SIN CITY. Murder, Damsel in Distress, A Detective Hero, Super Villain, Naughty Girls, and lots of twists and surprises. It will be a high fashion story book as always spotlighting the designer’s outfits. We are expecting to publish this late January 2012.

We are casting for models and photographers from The Fashion Teller Group.
We will also be doing a casting contest outside the group for a model and photographers for this book. We will be asking designers soon who might be interested in the project.


Any Questions…Contact Editorial Clarity-Flux.
Thank You.

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