Katherine Comet
Xenobia Foxclaw
Sabine Mortenwold
Diana Balhaus
Jasmine Loening
Rhonda Pennell
Raphael Treves
Steele Sirnah
World Undercroft
Angelik Lavecchia

Show Host: Veronica Krasner

DANIELLE 2nd Anniversary Celebration

DANIELLE 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Main Store:

Come and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Styles by Danielle, one of the finest brands in SL.

Danielle outfits are known for their quality and the diversity in range, each with their own special style -elegant yet modern and always with a unique twist to catch the eye.

During the last 2 years, Styles by Danielle has undergone the change in name and has grown into a fashion house where one can buy not only gorgeous gowns, but also their matching accessories.

Dani Plassitz, owner and designer, always on the lookout for a new challenge, has taken yet another challenge of being a singer in SL!

From Nov. 28-30 (Mon, Tue, Wed) we have prepared specials for you:
>> BIG SALE – 50% of all items 50% off
>> Group join for free
>> Special MM for group members
>> Tuesday party with exclusive gowns raffled off
On Nov. 29th, 2-4 PM SLT, please join us for 2 hours of live music!




Paying homage to elegant and chic Japanese couture, the 2012 Miss Virtual World Finalists will compete before a panel of judges in the eagerly anticipated WINTER WONDERLAND SHOW on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. SLT! This will be your last chance to see the 2012 Misses on one stage prior to the final competition on December 17, 2011.

Real life Broadway Actor/Singer/Songwriter Tamra Sands will perform LIVE at this event on a breathtaking winter wonderland stage created by the incomparable Maddox DuPont. Each finalist has created her own mix-and-match “kimono gone couture” look for this competition in a winter theme that will astound and delight!

We will also pay tribute and bid a very fond farewell to an amazing woman who gave so much of herself during this past year, our 2011 Miss Virtual World, Serene Faith. As we say goodbye to Serene, we sincerely thank her for and appreciate the special and unique gifts that she brought to the title of Miss Virtual World: her exciting and elegant styling, her assistance and guidance in helping to welcome and bring the teens into the adult grid, her compassionate, selfless, and tireless work in raising money for the Japan Relief Fund, which helped the Japanese people devastated by last year’s tsunami, and so many hours spent with appearances, lectures, and interviews. Her heart is always open and her elegance beyond compare, so please join us in a memorable tribute to this remarkable woman!

A special thank you to Dahriel Resident who created the stunning WINTER WONDERLAND SHOW Invitation.

You will want to arrive early to get a seat as we expect a full house for this event!

Winter Fashion Week Dec. 9th – Dec. 14th

~Winter Fashion Week~

Dec. 9th – Dec. 14th

~ Elegancia / KABUKI Boutique / Passion ~

Winter Fashion Week 2011

Presented By: Passion Fashion Agency, Elegancia, and KABUKI Boutique

December 9th, 2011 – December 14th, 2011

Join us this December as Elegancia Fashion Agency, Passion the Fashion Agency and KABUKI b o u t i q u e are combining forces and embarking on a first ever, three agency Winter Fashion Week of fashion shows and events, featuring the latest in winter fashion from the grids top designers.

The Weekend begins with a one of a kind Grand opening gala commencing Friday, the 9th of December at 12pm presented by KABUKI b o u t i q u e. The opening will be a mixed designer show comprised hand picked models and original custom outfits/designs that encapsulate the theme “Wicked Winter Wonderland”

After the opening the week gets going with all of the excitment starting with the cyber couture of [sYs]! This is one week of events you do not want to miss!!!

December 9

12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Opening Gala

2:00pm SLT – [sYs] Fashion Show

4:00pm SLT – Egoisme Fashion Show

December 10

10:00am SLT – Aimesi Fashion Show

12:00pm SLT – Sartoria Fashion Show

2:00pm SLT – Nemesis Fashion Show

4:00pm SLT – Gizza Fashion Show

6:00pm SLT – House of Rage Fashion Show

December 11

10:00am SLT – Countdown Fashion Show

12:00pm SLT – Angel Dessous Fashion Show

2:00pm SLT – Xanadu Fashion Show

4:00pm SLT – PurpleMoon Fashion Show

December 12

12:00pm SLT – Tres Beau Fashion Show

2:00pm SLT – Solidea Folies Fashion Show

December 13

10:00am SLT – MEB Fashion Show

2:00pm SLT – Azoury Fashion Show

December 14

12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Closing Event

Be sure to mark your calendars early for this incredible week of events! It is not to be missed! For more information, please contact: Federica Galtier, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Salvo Waydelich or Leandra Breen.

Poster Art: Houms Thor

The Fashion Teller Casting Call

The Fashion Teller CASTING

The FASHION TELLER is looking for one extraordinary model for our upcoming High Fashion Story Book called MURDER, MY SWEET. It is a detective crime story set in the cool 1930s with a futuristic fashion edge. The book is in film noir style; black and white with only red showing as a color. We promise Murder, Mystery, Suspense…all in high style. Think SIN CITY but with high fashion in mind. We have amazing designers joining us in this project such as Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, REDGRAVE, SoliDea FoliEs, and Vero Modero.


Present a FANTASTIC styling using at least one of our participating designer’s outfits and accesories (Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, REDGRAVE, SoliDea FoliEs, Vero Modero) and create a dramatic photo depicting a black and white film noir style murder mystery theme. The winning picture will be featured in our next book and the model given a spot in the book. The winner will be invited to the FASHION TELLER Elite group as a model for future projects. Both Male and Female Models May Apply…


The FASHION Teller:
Murder, My Sweet Contest

1. Present a black and white style picture (film noir) using at least one item from our participating designers. (Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, REDGRAVE, SoliDea FoliEs, Vero Modero). Snapshots are okay but the clothing needs to be black and white and it has to fit the murder mystery theme. Please credit the photographer and mention the name of the participating designer’s outfit you are wearing in the picture description or your accompanying notecard.

2. The Picture must be 1024×1024 in size and be of high quality and high fashion. May use Photoshop or GIMP but Morphed pictures are not accepted.

3. All contestants are encouraged to join THE FASHION TELLER Flickr group and post their picture entry in the group.


The picture must be titled FASHION TELLER CONTEST: (Name of Contestant).
For example: Fashion Teller Contest: Editorial Clarity.

4. Send a full permission copy of your picture to RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity in-world. Kindly send us a notecard if you have any questions or concerns.

5. The Winner must be available for the photo shoots and is willing to follow the photographer/designer’s requests.


Good Luck.


We are seeking amazing talented photographers as well that is interested in becoming one of our elite staff. If you think you have what it takes, this contest is for you too. Send a black and white film noir style picture as well as a link to your flickr stream or past work to Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux to be considered.

***ABOUT The Fashion Teller:

We are an innovative Fashion Elite Group that specializes in High Quality, High Fashion Unique Projects and Events using only the best SL Models, Photographers and Staff.

WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY. We are an ELITE group of talented people in SL gathered together to create art. We are not for profit. Our goal has and will always be to combine high fashion and art into something magical in order to promote very talented people in Second Life, from the amazing designers to the super talented photographers and extraordinary models.
We want to present the designer’s amazing work of art in a new and exciting way…..a story book filled with artistic wonder and beautiful imagination but always with high fashion in mind.

We will blow your mind.
We have so much AWESOME things coming….

Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux

Models in Picture: Rissa Friller and LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
Pic by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

DSMA Presents sYs Show

sYs Show

When:November 27th

Time: 2PM


Designers: Syane Cisse & Systi Cisse

Host & planer: Mariella Spitteler

Builder: Malphas Emor


Angelik Lavecchia Rascon
Blackliquid Tokyoska
Carilynn OHare
Giada Oh
Kay Fairey
Maxime Tyran
Ponchituti Boucher
Snow Tigersaw

Models Background

Lilith Freng

Violet Batriani

Katherine Comet

crazychristou Carter

DJ: DJ Ewone One of the best RL French DJ

Don’t missed it 😉

PATRON: Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Tree


Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Tree…

Let the fabulousity begin ! Just released n my Sex In The City Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Tree. A Tree darling so nommy that Ivana would weep real diamonds even with a massive pre-nup . It’s at PATRON, it’s NOW and please no pepper spraying other customers to get to it. This is Fortune 500 of Christmas Trees, you so know you want it ~laughs~

VISIT PATRON for more amazing Christmas trees and decorations

PoBa Show for Ephemera and Le Grenier du Chateau

Ephemera and Le Grenier du Chateau are two brand’s that works exclusively for century clothes.

Ephemera is known as one of the best designers of clothing for the courts of the kingdoms of the English, French, Russian and South Europe.
Their dresses have textures that recreate the standards of the time maintaining a high level of similarity with the real.

In turn, Le Grenier du Chateau is a very faithful designer of male clothing female, performing real work in recreating outfits for  extravagant moments or for every day.


Best Regards

Paaulo Denfu – PoBa  CEO | Founder

Happy Thanksgiving 2011 America!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving Day is a joyous time in America. It is for friends and family gatherings over a holiday meal. A time for great food, holiday parades and giant balloons. But most of all, It is a time to give THANKS for all that we are blessed with. There are many ways to celebrate and express thanks at Thanksgiving. Even in difficult times, there are always things for which to be grateful.

For me, I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family in my life. Whether in RL or SL, I thank each and everyone of you who have made my life special, give my existence some meaning and brought inspiration to the world around me. I am grateful to do what I’m passionate about…to be able to model as well as create art and express my artistic endeavors with The Fashion Teller and other projects. I thank all my modeling agencies and amazing designers for the many opportunities I’ve been given. I thank all my mentors and role models for the motivation and inspiration that you all give me each day as I strive to be better. I thank all my friends and supporters for the love and encouragement especially during tough times. I also want to thank each and everyone of you who comes here and support the CSLTM blog. This blog started as a way for me to keep track of all the fashion events in SL and now it has grown so huge and successful. Can you believe we have had over 1.5k daily hits? All because of YOU. I am grateful for all your support. This blog is for YOU. I hope that it is useful to you in some way as it is intended. Thank you so much.


RicoRacer Flux

PS: Thank You to my SL hubby, Editorial Clarity, who stood beside me when my world collapsed and I was at my darkest point ready to give up. Thank you for being with me as we journey through all the ups and downs, hand in hand. We have a very bright future together and I’m always here for you, hubby. ❤

*Pictures by Lilou Cerise*

Finesmith Muse SEMI FINALS

Finesmith Muse SEMI FINALS

November 27, 12PM

Top of SL models in SL on this runway

you are invited!

On the runway-

Aphrodite Brianna

Shinobu Istmal

Linnda Scofield

Anna Sapphire

Minjee Park

RicoRacer Flux

Quinty Sirnah

Riri Lemon

Sylphia Constantine

YeriakTH Couturier

BlackBarbie Bravin

Harsch Sharktooth

Wicca Merlin

Caoimhe Lionheart

Rusalka Callisto

Vivienne Coppola

SN0W Tigerpaw

Leandra Breen

Melanie Sautreau

Celestial Lunasea

Leah Portland

Anigma Eulenberg

Saleena Hax

Draakje Dailey

Jamee Sandalwood

Taylor Wassep

Shena Neox.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to Everyone.

AVENUE Magazine November 2011

AVENUE Magazine November 2011

A month of rejuvenation, AVENUE takes you on a trip around the grid. Starting at home introducing the Faces of Couture AVENUE, Diconay Boa and Harsch Sharktooth to Fashion Icon Nardya Rousselot. Join us as we take a Flight of Feathers with AVENUE Stylist Boe Cortes or a look through the Kaleidoscope with AVENUE Stylist Brie Wonder. Just as Umberto Giano takes us to DIGS we round the corner and end with inspirations curated by AVENUE Creative Director Paola Tauber.

Wishing you all a joyous Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday!

Read it online at

The Fashion Teller: Murder, My Sweet (Casting)

The Fashion Teller

MURDER, MY SWEET Fashion Story Book

Hello Fashion Teller Models and Photographers:

We are very excited to start our next book: Murder, My Sweet.
We are so happy and proud to have these participating talented designers on board:
Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, Redgrave, SoliDea Folies, and Vero Modero.

Fashion Teller MODELS:
Please send your latest head shot with your availabilities to RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity, if you are interested in casting for a role in the book. We want to make sure everyone gets the chance to be in a book or projects, so we will take a priority on who hasn’t been casted yet but they have to fit the image we are looking for.
We have a lot more projects coming up in the future so don’t worry if you are not casted this time around.

We are looking for photographers who can do a Film Noir detective style pictures. Black and White with only Red showing as a color. Think of the movie “Sin City”. If you are interested and can do the job, please contact Edi and Rico. Shooting will start end of December and the pictures must be done by January 20, 2012 at the very latest.

The Fashion Teller is having a casting for one model role as well as photographers interested in being a part of the book. If anyone is interested, please submit a picture wearing the participating designer’s outfits and accessories in a film noir black and white style. If you get picked, you will be invited to join The Fashion Teller group and will be given a role in the book. DETAILS COMING SOON.

Thank you so much.

House Of Beningborough – Winter Queen Styling Contest

House Of Beningborough – Winter Queen Styling Contest

House of beningborough winter style queen contest
please note this is a one off contest running from november 14th to december 31st.
The winner will be announced on 31st december 2011
the contest is open to everyone .

the winner will win a 6 month supply of all house of beningborough new releases & the title of winter style queen. & £10,000l$

each entry requires one purchase from the mainstore of house of beningborough.
We have items for sale starting at 100l so entry does not have to mean spending a fortune. But the photographs submitted must be wearing house of beingborough gowns or outfits. Free gifts are not applicable. All photographic entries will be displayed in our photo viewer above the runway at mainstore.
The contest will run over the 6 weeks leading up to the new year & winner announced 31st december 2011.
each week all photographic entries will be displayed at the hob mainstore and we will pick 6 of the best entries to model on the runway where we will observe your styling.& you can earn a little pocket money. Models are paid 15l per hour on the runway and get special reductions on hob clothing.
Entry dates are as follows
week 1 starting 14th november – week 1′s runway models will be announced on saturday 19th november. And every saturday after that .
you may enter each week but a new purchase and picture entries are required for each week. A lot of models like to enter each week , to make a little money and to get the exposure . we are a very friendly bunch!!

to enter .
1. all entrants must be in the house of beningborough group and show hob in their profile pics section. – click on one of our group joiners and click on the top link to join

2. purchase a house of beningborough gown or outfit from anywhere in the mainstore . it is not necessary to purchase an expensive outfit , we have items from as little as 100l . you do not have to use the item you have purchased in your pictures but the photographs must be in hob gowns or outfits. Hair etc.

2. send up to 3 photographs , 1 face pic, close up & 1 – 2 full length or 3/4 lenght pictures wearing house of beningborough gowns or outfits. Please note – if you send more than one shot each shot must be in a different outfit.- not 2 of the same

3. put your pictures onto a notecard – head it ‘ winter style queen contest ‘ & your name
include a short history about yourself & why you would like to be our winter style queen.

4. send your entries to amazon silverweb – hob manageress
all notices will be via group notices.

Agata Models Agency Presents Kimono Show

KIMONO Show2011 again (花鳥風月)



11月19日(土)24時  (日本時間)
19 November(Sat) AM7:00 (SLT)

会場:MK Tokyo SIM