Champagne! Sparkling Fashion New Release: Volatile


Champagne! Sparkling Fashion

MODEL : Saleena Hax

Ladies, if you are looking for that perfect haute couture elegant Halloween gown, look no further! CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion’s latest
release, VOLATILE, fits the bill to perfection!

VOLATILE is reminiscent of the 1960’s classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds,” evident in the black feathering featured on this dramatic and chic gown. VOLATILE comes in black, red, purple, and blue, each color bold and brilliant.

The gown itself is sleeveless, form fitting, and flatters your figure to the max. In a true “mermaid” type design, the slim-fitting silhouette gown flares out just below the knee to the floor, with layers of delicate chiffon in perfect harmony with your every movement. The revealing bodice is accentuated with black feather “wings” and brilliant white diamonds which are repeated at the waistline as well.

Additional black feathering lie atop each shoulder and are connected with large sparkling white diamonds placed at the edges.

The lovely Miss Ireland 2012, Saleena Hax, appears on our vendor ads for VOLATILE.

VOLATILE is a gown that surrounds the woman who wears it in a veil of mystery and sophisticated elegance. And although perfect for a
Halloween party or ball, its classic design allows you to wear this one year-round.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kyrian Lefavre



In our most provocative edition to date, MANIERA takes a look at Taboos in SL and how they effect and influence our real lives.
DISCLAIMER:Adult  content. If you are uncomfortable with nude images please be advised  the following edition does contain  nudity. We at MANIERA strive to be artistic ,  creative and tasteful.
In this issue we explore aspects of various Taboos in SL as well as Real life.
-Le Rossiy – The Story of O
-Darkside of Roleplay- . When No doesn’t mean No.
-Shibari- The art of Japanese Rope Play
-Is Voice Killing RP?
-Taboo- Voices from the Velvet Rope- An erotic pictorial by Spartin Parx
COVER MODEL: Katherine Comet

AVENUE Graduation Show

AVENUE is proud to welcome the latest batch of AVENUE Models Academy trainees to the runway on Sunday, October 23rd.

Come and support the hard work and amazing talent of our most recent graduates.

Designer Showcased: Vero Modero

12pm SLT




From: AVENUE MODELS, Rusch Raymaker

Due to unforeseen circumstances, today’s AVENUE Models Academy Graduation Show will be rescheduled for another time within the next weeks. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and be sure that our students will be raring to put an even finer show for you. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂